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Hi there, was wondering if anyone else can relate to this or has ever felt like this.

So basically, I always feel extremely upset and sad whenever my boyfriend leaves, no matter how much time weíve spent together. Obviously I enjoy spending time with him and Iím always so happy when weíre together but as soon as he leaves, I can just crash and feel so sad. Sometimes as soon as he says heís got to leave, I can start feeling teary, although I manage to hold it together until he leaves.

I feel really pathetic that Iím feeling this way, weíve only been together about 4 months and itís not like we donít see each other much, itís normally about 4 days at the most before I see him again, so it seems silly that I get so sad when he goes!

I do try and see friends and do other things when I know Iím not going to see him, Iím aware that I shouldnít be too dependent on him, but sometimes that can be a struggle!

Does anyone else ever get like this and is it normal? I mean, I know itís normal to miss your boyfriend, I guess, but to feel like crying just because heís gone home and Iíve spent about 18 hours with him???*♀️
You should research attachment styles. This is something developed in adolescence but effects you as an adult as well. Also, donít listen to all this other stuff people are saying. You can have a healthy relationship but you can also be aware and use that as a tool for a healthy relationship.