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    Thread: Ocd not Scared Anymore Why

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      Default Ocd not Scared Anymore Why

      So at first when I got these thoughts about sexual and aggressive the as well as others I was scared i didn't want them I replaced images i got with different ones it helped for a little bit but it got worse. It's been over a year and a bit now I cried and was sad about the last thoughts I got but now I don't feel like that. I don't feel scared of anxious anymore why? Then I started to think is it because the thoughts are me. I mean they feel so real now and then I got to start obsessing is that why I'm not scared of anxious?I'm just looking for any answers or help is this normal

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      Maybe it's a sign that your improving that you are not scared or anxious
      Sending a

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      i tihnk its changed now because i try picture sex and images of naked people but now images are happening.

      so before i could use my imagination and have images of sex but then i get images of the OCD topic and so i stopped using my imagination but now im forcing myself to do so but everytime i get images i dont want but im scared that are the images there becase i want to see that or is this the OCD

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      It happens when you have been obsessing over a certain subject for a long time. I am in the same boat.

      The first few months I was paying attention to the OCD too much and that would get an emotional response from me, which I thought was necessary penance for me to appease the OCD in order for it to leave me alone for a while. The problem is, you constantly feel worn out and anxious because you’re constantly feeding it with an emotional/physical ritual/response.

      I have found after saying ‘I don’t care, let it happen’ and just ignoring it. The more you do that, the easier it is for you to disregard the need to appease the OCD with a response.

      The thing is, it’s still in your head, you are just de-sensitised to the actually issue, even though you still feel terrible and want it gone completely.

      It passes eventually, keep your head up.

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