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    Thread: Voices and Horrible Tinnitus

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      Moe Hope

      Default Voices and Horrible Tinnitus

      Hello Everyone,

      Do any of you have tinnitus with your voices?

      In my case, the tinnitus can be more debilitating than the voices.

      Moe Hope

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      Yes, I have what I think is tinnitus, even though I've never asked a doctor about it. I hear the voices on and off all day, but the tinnitus is constant, all the time. It isn't a tone like people normally get for a few seconds which some people call ringing in their ears. It is more of a constantly changing SSSHHHHH sound with short little extremely high pitched sounds on and off. When I hear other things going on in the room I don't really notice it, but when it is quieter in the room I hear it more. When it is totally silent in the room, the tinnitus sounds SO LOUD, it annoys me greatly. It appears that the tinnitus is unrelated to the voices I hear. The voices can be much more irritating than the tinnitus for me.
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      I hear blasting tinnitus that is voices. They speak like frequencies. They are the tinnitus.

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