Hi Evening Folks,

I've had an unsettling time today. Basically because this morning, busier to get my in at home room tidied up.

Anyway, this afternoon, I have been either to the computer, and or knitting, together with musicals/music listening combined.

I'm very well mental health wise, hardly any issues to report. Oh, could I add, I'm not even anxious in terms of the changeover of the forums software soon! I'm feeling confident now. I just half hope for all of our sakes, there won't be any apart from the odd slip which naturally could happen, teething problems, within the 1st couple of weeks. Should this happen to be planned for Tuesday, as a rough guess, that will be alright, because offline, and logged out from MHF, I'll be out all being well health and weather permitting, volunteering within the North West of London in my typing role, and lunch and visiting my strong mutual admirer, via my main charitible base organisation locally there, over the road. I shan't most likely be back to home - until about 2.15/2.30pm.

I do wish all of you well MHF Teams, for this changeover to be successful, as I say, I can't predict what day you all will do this, I was providing Tuesday as a sample, as I'll be out on that day.

Best regards all.