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    Thread: Hearing voices: the science of auditory verbal hallucinations

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      Default Hearing voices: the science of auditory verbal hallucinations

      Presented by Nicola Davis

      Once thought to originate from the realm of the supernatural, auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) have a well-documented history, with more recent times often seeing them linked to mental health issues. But with recent surveys suggesting that up to 10% of the population report hearing voices that nobody else can hear, could these hallucinations reveal the way our brains distinguish voices? And if so, how might we use this knowledge to answer back?

      Hearing voices: the science of auditory verbal hallucinations - Science Weekly podcast | Science | The Guardian
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      I have recently experienced screaming in my ears. It's very disturbing. I do suffer from depression but not bipolar or schizophrenia. I have gone through and am still going through some stress. These screams sound like someone or more than one person are just screaming in my ears. They are making me feel very aggressive although no thoughts of hurting anyone. What do I do. I just can't accept this.
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      There is such a thing as depression with psychotic features, so it's certainly not impossible. If you go to a doctor they will probably prescribe you an antipsychotic medication, which may help with the screaming but will also have side-effects. I'd suggest having a careful read of the list of side effects (it varies by exactly which medication you are offered, but often includes significant weight gain and drowsiness) and then making a decision whether it is worth it.
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      I use to reproduce my mother screaming my name. It lasted a little under a year. I didn't tell the doctor because I didn't want any more pills.
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