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    Thread: Waking up to a whistling in the ear just Rapid Eye Movement carrying on for a second

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      Default Waking up to a whistling in the ear just Rapid Eye Movement carrying on for a second

      So I've noticed when sitting in the silence listening for a ringing in my ear, that I can cause changes in the ringing by moving my eyes around. Could the whistling heard in the ear by many sometimes after you wake up just be Rapid Eye Movement causing this type of whistling? I hear that it occurs in deep sleep and while dreaming, this might explain why when I heard the whistling after waking up I was especially groggy. What I'm really interested in is has anybody ever looked for patterns in REM that might suggest dream symbology or telepathy? From what I read no one has.
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      Hi, REM happens when you are dreaming and sometimes it's the brain way of letting go of your emotions and events at night in a safe way however it does means that your not going into an deep sleep and wake up while dreaming.
      Ringing in your ears may do with this or sometime if someone has hearing problems can also suffer with ringing in the ears. I hope this an help to you.
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