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    Thread: Feeling pissed off with my Care Coordinator and Psych

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      Angry Feeling pissed off with my Care Coordinator and Psych

      My EIP care coordinator will be handing me over to another team soon because I've reached their three year maximum. Had an appointment with the Psych a couple of weeks ago (third one in three years) and we discussed my problems, how I see them, etc, medication including mood stabilisers. The usual stuff.

      Had a GP appointment last week and while I was there I asked if she had a letter through from the Psych. She got it up on the computer and read it to me. I won't go into it but the general tone was that things have significantly improved, I'm doing a lot better, and basically that things are fine at the moment and that I'm having no difficulties. I was furious when I left the GP as things are far from fine. Ok I see things differently that I used to and I understand my illness better that I did, but the effect that it has on my life is terrible.

      I was fuming so I wrote a really shitty letter that I was going to give to my care coordinator. Sort of like a "Do you call this fine?" letter and really going into how I'm experiencing life and the effect that my mental illness is having. So what if I manage to wash my face and brush my teeth on the days my care coordinator is that means I'm fine, there's no problems?

      I'm getting angry just typing this post. What do I do, seriously? If she thinks everything is fine then she should just stop coming to see me because we're getting no where! And knowing that she (and obviously other people) think that I'm fine and managing then it makes the shame of having this illness even worse to live if "well everyone thinks I'm fine so I am fine, but I'm not, but I am, but I'm not, but I should be, why aren't I, maybe it's me, maybe I'm imagining it, maybe I'm not really sick?" but all the time knowing I AM sick.

      I was so angry that the letter just became page after page of scribbles so I don't think I'll be giving it to her but please please can someone help me what to do?

      Am I imagining this all? Am I dramatising my illness when in fact I'm fine? I'm so confused and really feel like I've spent three years banging my head against a brick wall if she thinks that everything is hunky dory for me.

      Please help. How do I approach this?

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      It is a compliment to say that you are fine. Some people are not allowed to be without supervision or have to take a lot of meds that make them sick. Would more counseling help you?

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      Hi Jamie. I think what you are saying is that they are looking at you superficially and saying you are fine/okay. But you yourself feel that on a subtle level, on a deeply human level, all is not normal. And who would know better than you ?? You know yourself best, better than the mental health workers. My advice is to edit your letter to them down to One Page, one side of the page. Your point can be made in one page, I promise. This may be very hard to do if you are sick but it will help them to pay attention and not be dismissive. Short and to the point.
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