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    Thread: Addicted To Codeine ?

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      Default Addicted To Codeine ?

      I am... There are three chemists in this one horse town.. So I have to visit each one in turn to keep a regular supply.
      I keep taking too many.. I'm worried that my liver will quit and I'll wake up bright yellow..
      I hate having to play twenty questions when you go to buy it.. Just give me the God dam pills, if you don't want to sell it don't stock it.. But quit making me lie my face off at the till.

      So who else is riding the codeine pony ? And how do we get off it ?
      It Is I That Shall Live Again.. Not Your Dam Apples !!!

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      I am sure the GP will guide you how to safely withdraw from opiates such as Codeine. Stick to the treatment and I am sure you will successfully come off it. Good luck!

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      If your buying otc codiene it's gonna be full of paracetamol and the paracetamol is much more harmful than any amount of codine. To reduce the risk you could learn to do cold water extraction it's a pain in the ass though.

      Paracetamol is nasty

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