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    Thread: Found a lump

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      so sorry you are struggling petal. Understandable in the circumstances but please donít harm yourself.
      Suggestion with the course work. Read through small amounts at a time, making notes of your reactions or of points you think are important. That will give you something to focus on and will get you started towards completing the first assignment. I know it is a struggle but you are strong and have proved that already.
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      Quote Originally Posted by mami5 View Post
      Thank you xxxxx

      Nobody seems to care though. CPN and psychologist seem to be more interested in my cancer and other things than in my mental state. Don't know what to do apart from self harm.
      Hi Mami,
      We care on the forum about you, please don't harm yourself.
      Take care
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      Thank you tabbykitten and Mayflower xxxxx

      I can't stop harming myself. Bought more pills while shopping today. I'm sorry.

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