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      I am new to this forum.
      My daughter (just turned 7) has been telling me the last weeks that she hears voices telling her that her parents will die.
      She says she cannot make the voices stop talking to her and she has to repeat all the time that "my parents are not dead and they will not die".

      The last two years have been rough on the family (her grandfather died, we moved to a different city and I have been through a chemotherapy).

      Does anyone have any advice on how I can support her and get her through this face?
      I am quite worried.

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      Welcome to the forum, therapy might help. Her dr can refer her, your dr might refer to the child service for mental health trust.
      Tell her to ignore the voices, I thought my parents would die in a car crash from a child.
      It's very scary and frightening. Reassure her lots and tell her she's not alone in this.
      Seven is quite young. Drs often prescribe anti-psychotics there are risks with them.
      I hope she gets better, do let us know how she's doing.
      Take care

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      She can learn to deal with the voices. That she is telling them off is good. I am against drugging young children whose brains are just developing and who don't need side effects which come with all drugs. It is obviously a reaction to the events in her life. She is very creative and bright and so has created these voices. Don't be fearful about the voices around her.
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      how very worrying for you, and your daughter. Going to suggest that bereavement counselling might help as well. Cruse Bereavement care offers help with children who have experienced the loss of a loved one. As Poopy said the voices may be a coping strategy for her. Please do talk to your GP too.
      Worth remembering that children of this age and younger often have imaginary friends who are nevertheless very real for them.

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      You should be aware that the majority of voice hearers are not psychiatric patients - from what I have read about 3 out of 4 voice hearers never see a psychiatrist but just hear relatively innocent things once in a while and can cope with it easily.

      It's worrying in your daughter's case that the voices are negative. It's good that she is keeping to her own point of view but if it continues for a long time her resistance may weaken. There are a number of good children's specialists out there though who focus on working with voices in a holistic way, like Dirk Korstens at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I'd suggest trying to find one close to home.

      Like Poopy I'm not in favour of medication for children, most antipsychotic medication which is used for voice hearing has significant effects on the growing of the brain and the balance of brain hormones which has many side effects.
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