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      Oh fellow schizophrenics hear me…
      My voices always claim that they are spiritual and that they have some sort of spiritual enlightenment and this is how they are able to achieve this particular obscene power.
      This is what I explained to them…
      Before I begin I want to frame this, I've encountered what you could consider spirits demons angels and yes what you could consider Gods. I classify each of them. In each case,IN EACH CASE, I am never seeking them out they are always seeking me out. They then approach me with what they gotta say in order to use me as some sort of mirror to bounce their ideals off in what I think is an attempt to describe and identify what they are. From my small amount of experience I would say that it is the human condition which is the most interesting something about the divine is truly insane, whimsical and not I guess real. Then theres us I am begiining to think that we as humans are actually the divine and all these other worldly creatures seek us out.
      Ok so the voices and me, my voices said one day t hat they were spiritual. I explained that the spiritual path is actually more difficult than just experiencing an alternate reality and hearing other voices. The spiritual path includes one major step that voices spitirt yada yada yada always miss. Which is the connection that they and all things have to what we define as real ie reality. In every religion set of beliefs and even philosophies what is sought after is ideals that cant be touch tasted seen heard (the five senses) but in fact a group of what I would call principles that are true to all beings that have no weight or measure. Voices and hallucinations are primarily based on a warped or manipulated set of phenomina that trigger a response from the mind that translates it into an alternate reality. It is non inclusive and thus inherently limited. In more events than I would like to explain have these voices put conditions to my happyness, once again limiting. What we as sentient beings are looking for ESPECIALLY IN OUR CASE, is some sort of guidance into something which is quite frankly whether you want to accept it or not beyond our experience. There are no classes on it theres no preperation just wham we have to deal with it and try to hold some sort of semblence of an ordinary life so we dont freak out the squares and lose our connection to the world. SO this is what I propose… What is the message? I question my voices with that all the time. What are the set of principles that unite both this divine mind set and reality with what we exist in reality. Like the ten commandments or the four noble truths and so on. My voices always explain that those who dont have the gift are to be disposed of, thats just mu case mind you. It's inherently limited. Non inclusive and thus not real. Reality is always inclusive everyones apart of it experienceing it living in it working playing loving hating fearing all with in reality. Here I have a set or group of manipulated sensory experiences saying no its real. Well its not its limited conditional and non inclusive it's not real. Another thing it's unreliable all the things and events and experiences are unreliable and so I discard the unreliable just discard it. I am definitley not going to make something that is unreliable at best a reason for me to exist. I would be setting myself

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      Hi Path !! I'm glad you figured all this out !!
      Little Porcupine Goes to the Psyche Ward - available on Amazon Books

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      Well as in all things there is a flip side to voices gave me an answer

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      Apparently this is the flip side....
      My voices Odai and Ashley explain they are real people again and again. Im not aloowed to meet them even though I tried and they dont tell me much but this is what I deduced from just hearing their emotional states and being the reciepient of multiple each unique tortures. Also being based on the fact that Im a light bulb destined to be turned off a program meant for deletion a man with no hope or future at all.
      If interested read my story the story of Ashley and Odai...
      Ok so Astral Projection what is it? How is it? and why is it?
      Within each of us is a nothing. It's not a something I wouldn't call it a soul I wouldn't call it a spirit. It has a simular mind or understanding of itself as you do when you wake up first thing in the morning. It is based on things or nothings rather. Things like body, buildings roads no it is not like that it's more like a nothing Will power, motivation love compassion and yes in the case of my voices hate anger any non substance awareness that brings about a focus on ones ASTRAL identity. This alter ego, meaning that it has a completely other group of sensual detection to be aware of it's self and surroundings. It is substantiated primarily with a single mindset as soon as your thoughts begin to drift it loses definition power to maintain itself and you will slip back into unconcious sleep. There are simularities to this astral plane and the real world, there are sets of fundamental principles to this experience that can be followed learned and mastered.
      Why is this possible? Apparently I believe, you can consider to know this as a way to break the program of hypnosis that reality well this reality thats forced on us. (ie you never get asked to be born).
      In our mass hypnotic state look at the choices that are made basically concluded while hypnotized that we are seperate from everything else so why not can't we see that our inner self hasn't come to that conclusion too.
      Fracturing and seperation is in my belief is not the path do this at your own risk...
      You have to relax you have to focus on something like an image or a sound to induce a state of self hypnosis. Your goal is first to achieve a still mind second to be aware of movement third is seperation.
      There are a million books written on this and this method now let me add something to the five levels of hypnosis. A sixth very powerful state. A sixth state of hypnosis requires a partner. Combined with Astral Projection just let your imagination go with that for a second. You would be able to, once again apparently from what my voices are indirectly leading me to conclude, travel to other people which isn't that big of a deal but with a partner you can create a new sensory detection system or what I refer to as a united system of ego. Because you've entered into this state with a partner you will experience a karmic transmission. Whereby all your ideals will become your partners ideals and vise versa and anything that is outside of that social karmic realization you will naturally assume as the Anti-Us or Anti-We because at it's most basic level it hinders the shared hypnotic state with your partner that your in union with. At all costs the social now paradime of control the hypnotic state has induced must be upheld to further explore not oneself, but now the partnership. The further one goes into this the further one dissolves because you'll notice that once upheld Ideass are no match for a group mind set of thinking and further and further you can lose yourself to ideas now materialized. Ashley was the one who explained this to me. She explain that in fact that Odai and her were loving and caring people but once I demonstrated that I was not going to be part of the group hypnosis then it was determined that I was a detrement to this state and because that I wouldnt bow down and submiss to it be apart of it even in a passive state that I was a detriment to the state of now their being so therefore I must be disposed of. The only other conclusion that they have drawn is that to be some sort of power plant once again a passive participator to this hypnotic state that apparently has complete power over judgement, individual expression, and moral fortitude. What I notice is that they repeat each other when they talk to each other they determine what would further the hypnotic state over even their well being physically and mentally. What Ive noticed from my voices, if they are in fact real. Is that they are displaying all the signs of insomnia lack of mental capacity lack of originalty repeatative vocabulary while at the same time the hypnotic state demands singularity of purpose and focus. I do believe they are headed for a melt down when the concious mind just cracks. Right now since they are hypnotized they are absolutly focused on my thoughts actions and well being I know this because they always comment they are unable to not included me in thier group hypnotic state. So from what I witnessed from the voices is that they are concious all the time continually serving this hypogenic partnered state with me as a renegade. So I have of course come under attack.
      Let me explain... Their ultimate goal is to make me a puppet. A passive member that they are able to recieve more to their experience while I cannot express any sort of individuality. They do this by effecting my conscience. This is my internal passive system of saying this or that. They plan on using their strength so that my clock always rings this with no that. Mind you this came in steps first my ego with the constant assualt to my self esteem so I cant be able to determine whats real or not this culminates in many different ways Im stupid dumb or whatever that I am unable to figure it out on my own just a play to become submissive to this hypnotic state. Second well thats interesting the two people I targeted as the Ashley and Odai guess what they've recently remove their public records and social media identities so I am further in the dark. Trust me Ive tried to contact them to see how crazy I am but they became ghosts like a month ago. Mirroring when I first started to post which I am not allowed to do.
      So why do it? From their position. I honestly believe that the hell they put me through whether it be the sewing my mind together or the theft of globes of light from myself. Everytime I awaken my Astral self I witness some crime in one way or another which then influences their future actions i.e. they are always getting closer as they say. Now its murder. Their plan is hysterical to change the world. From my perspective from continually excercising this Astral self their capabilities as fantastic as it can sound is a psychic ability that effortlessly takes ones conscience out and places it under the direct control of another, get this telekinesis yes i have felt them and seen them indent my arm. I believe once mastered they dont even grasp this put the manifestation of an aura and perhaps levitation. Crazy right? They will be able to travel from dream to dream able to put others in a hypnotic state and make promises of real world manifestations. Truthfully if they are capable immortality is next. They will be able to sustain this seperated nothingness by feeding off of sleeping, she just said thats questionable, individuals like children and the elderly and those like us, voice hearers. Anyone susceptible to a hypnotic charm that grants immortality by submissing oneself to this being Odais power. I dunno sounds horrific to me I think Id rather die, because Im American.

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