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      So I had this dream that there was the tree of life bearing forbidden fruit and all my exes baggage was in another utree there was the tree bearing fruit and a snake calling me to eat the apple 😞 My heart betrays me my heart is a liar and a cheating whore. How could I love someone more than God? How could I still love someone after everything he put me through? After everything he said I wish I'd never met him. I'm going crazy hearing shit.. I've loved him so fucking much for too long .
      I need Jesus in my life and to mediate on Gods word because he is so happy beyond measure he has everything he's ever wanted is that all you love in this world? When you should love God I put God first in Jesus holy name. I wish I'd never fucking met him I'm exactly like his ex Rachel just like he said I'd be 😭
      I gave him my heart and soul I'm an abomination he's moved on and is happy so happy
      Why I love kienan
      He loves me so much he became a better person
      He said he wanted to become one with me now that's some get me wet kinda shit
      I am so special to him he loves me and could have any woman he wanted he could have any and he comes back to me he loves me so much
      He loves me so much when I was hearing the devil he held me in his arms and rocked me in the mental institution
      He can be gone and never home and still come back to me he is my Rhett I have a beautiful love story I have a happy ending.. he loves me nomatter what unconditionally I could be a bible thumper and he still lives me regardless of his upbringing♥️ He's been my ride or die through it all I love him so immensely for that he helps me to see the beauty within myself ❤️
      Love is kind love is never boastful love is patient I have found my soulmate❤️
      Hug Nikita hugged this poster.

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      Hi deling,
      Is your soulmate with someone else now then,is that what you are saying here,I think so,you must be brokenhearted,I am so sorry,if I can help in any way let me knowNikitax

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