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      I know K.... will always love me because I'm the mother of his children I love my babies so much more than I know it's ironic my life turned out like this book I read I think I mannifested a life like that because Gone with the wind was my favorite book .. I'm not going to be the fool and keep chasing something that isn't real. J... doesn't love me anymore or wuthering heights. Big time romance novel lover back in Hs.. anyway fairytale love isn't real and I understand that.. all I could hear was J... saying she doesn't understand over and over. My heart is not what I should think with anymore and I know that glimpses of his life heal that. I get depressed because kienan is exactly how J... was with me. I never celebrated valentines that was the day he said it was over. My stupid self felt in my heart he was my soulmate.
      But k...... my sweet k..... S...... loved another man her whole marriage then when Rhett left she realized she loved him. Of course they were meant to be together, she loved A.... but As.... loved another woman so she ended up totally fucked.. I love k..... he's held my crazy ass when no one else would hes loved me when I was homeless he's given me children he's given me a family and my ungrateful ass betrayed him three years I cheated on him with my heart. There is no worse thing you can do to someone than being with them and not love them. When I was with j.. I went through so much shit was horrid but loved him with my entire heart
      I didn't leave any room for anyone else and even brought him up with k...... mainly because I didn't want to lose someone who loved me that much again.. I want you to know j.... regardless of hate or whatever I will always love you. I want you to be happy I want you to add me on FB not so I can harass you but because I will always care about you and I can't help that but I can move on.
      I needed to learn to be a woman for k...... you said I'd be like R..... but I'm not honestly I've gotten off track but u made me want to be a better version of me
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