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    Thread: Poor memory go on to dementia?

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      Default Poor memory go on to dementia?

      Are people with poor memories more likely to develop dementia?

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      No, its an organic illness and not just losing memory. Dementia is death of parts of the brain and all that means
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      Poor memory has nothing to do with dementia. It is mainly caused by damages or changes to your brain. A stroke or even a head injury can lead to dementia. I care for my mother who has dementia, she has been diagnosed for over a year now. A good and proper medical care is essential. I used to care for my mother till about a year back and when the dementia progressed I knew that taking care of her on my own would be difficult. She is now living in an assisted living home where she is getting proper medical attention. I call her everyday and visit her during the weekends.
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      Quote Originally Posted by arwen View Post
      Are people with poor memories more likely to develop dementia?
      Poor memory and dementia are not same. Poor memory is not a disease, it can be because of ageing, or other regular health issues. while, dementia is a long-term memory loss and can be described as Alzheimer's disease. It is a brain disease that slowly vanishes your ability to think, ability to memorize things, and effects your reasoning skills too. You can easily be differentiate between poor memory and dementia with these signs:
      Forgetting things on daily basis.
      Facing problem at your work routine.
      Planning and tasking become tough.
      Confused with place and time.
      Problem in writhing, reading and memorizing new words.
      Abrupt changes in personality and mood.
      Difficulty in visuals.
      Less or poor judgement.
      Misplacing things and hard to recall.
      If all these problems are happening on daily basis. Then, there must be the chances of Alzheimer's disease. This can be easily curable by natural or medicated treatments.
      Hope you get your answer. Thank You.

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