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      Hows the carers doing?? i've kind of switched off from partners problems just now and my own.He told me i act like i dont care about anything anymore, I thought things were going ok until a wee while ago he said that to me. Got me thinking maybe im deluded,, its like i have maybe just flicked a switch off for my feelings.. and try not to think about things too much.. infact i'm feeling abit confused now. I'm just having a blip i'm sure.
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      Hi Curlz
      Sometimes you have to think about yourself and your needs. Doesnt mean you care about him any less. That might be the depression talking?
      Sounds as though you need to sit and have a chat about where you both are at the moment and what needs to change?
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      We definately need time out for ourselves sometimes, and if we don't look after ourselves first, we can't care for others. My husband and I have had a role reversal lately with him being the well one and me being poorly with PTSD. He has found it hard, but has been very supportive once he realised how bad things were for me. Its given me more confidence that I can let him know I'm not ok without it making him poorly too. His CPN has been really helpful through this time too, to help him support me.

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