I notice when we are in church he makes crazy faces and strains alot in his face and gitters around. Kind of like a person who has a autism issue but i know that's not what it is. I think he's having a hard time with trying to listen and respond to all the people around him. He says he is doing that cause people are trying to kill him and by me asking him whats wrong, they are using me to get to him.
He says the same thing about the people at work when he calls me on his break. I tell him he has to stop listening to other people talking and saying they are talking to him. I notice he does that at any single time someone else is talking. I even have to make the children go play outside and away from him because my husband will be literally replying to anything they say.
He says I don't see what he see's because I'm still not living in a real world and he is now.
He has learned to control his anger however. He used to get violent with the walls, doors, car, or (unfortunately) me. Now he holds his anger back and can control it, it's just these conversations he needs to weed out. Because he controls his anger, it's cause him to gain more confidence that it's nothing wrong with him. He says he doesn't hear voices in his head but I think the voices he hears are when he listens to people's convo.
We don't even watch TV. The channels he picks are the jewelry channel on HSN, certain cartoons (but not all), or MSNBC (the channel where the senate have meetings about world order).
I told him those should be signs to himself that he don't have it all together. He seems super clingy now also to me. He says he can't live without me, people are using me to get to him to kill him. He follows me around the house and even when he takes a shower, he wants me in the bathroom to talk to him. If I (or him) leave to go to the store or anywhere, when I come back he's got a attitude or saying i'm working with everyone else again.