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      Husband has schizo and taking prescribed resperidal and citalopram but it makes him sleep and gives him stomach ache which makes him refuse to take them.. Any suggestions we should give psychiatrist?Also, how do I get in touch with his doctor without him knowing to let them know the real issues he is having. I dont thi˝k he tells them everything.

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      Getting in touch is easy, if you know who his doctor is. HIPAA prevents the doctor from telling you stuff, it does not prevent the doctor from listening to you. So simply call and leave a message when he's not around, or write it all down and drop by the doctor's office to drop it off.

      As far as medicines making him sleepy, that's like 90% of all prescription medications for all mental and physical conditions. See if he is willing to take the full dose at bedtime. That's what I do.

      Stomach ache, ick. Has he tried altering whether it's taken with food or milk or not, to see if something can mitigate it?

      Pretty much any generic would be a good thing to try since you don't have insurance. I've had good luck with Seroquel, but it will knock one out. That's why I take it all at once right before bed. I believe Geodon is a generic now. Celexa is an SSRI, see if the doctor would be willing to try a tricyclic.

      Good luck.

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