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    Thread: People trying to control him????

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      Husband says people are trying to control him. He says he is going to send our two eldest to a group home because the ''people'' are using the kids to do it. I just sent a daughter to her other side of family because i was worried about her safety around him since she was ''the reason he lost his mind in the first place''. Well he says me and her. He now asks the next two eldest children why don't they help daddy when these people are trying to control him, they don't even have a answer and I stay quiet because I don't know whats the right or wrong thing to say unfortunately. Husband thinks when other people anywhere near him are talking they are definitely talking to him, We went to the movies and he literally tried to listen to everyones convo and was responding and even laughing loudly as if it was his convo. I said ''you do know they aren't talking to you right?'' He said '', let me show you how to do it, your not doing it eight thats why you don't see what I see, just watch me. That's another thing he says that everyone has a power and he has the most power until me and the kids help the ''people'' jump on him and try to kill him.
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      Oh dear, he sounds rather unwell. I hope you have got some help since you posted. What you describe sounds very familiar of when my husband is unwell with psychosis. I hope that things are in a bettwr place now. Most importantly if you do not feel safe get you and the kids out and call 999, the police can get emergency assessment for him. If it is less urgent you can speak to his GP about what is happening and ask them to assess.

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