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      Husband was diagnosed with schizo and prescribed meds based off what he told his pych after having a few outbursts. I don't go when he visits so i'm afraid she doesn't know each and everything about his condition. I'll start with the current things and move backwards. Currently he thinks that ''people'' in our household are ''helping'' our 5yr old son do something to him thats against him. He says our son is ''playing games''. Scares our son so much that he just goes along with it but im noticing that just helps the mental issues continue and makes my husband think he isn't going through a outburst. He says my son see's people jumping on daddy and don't help him, but helps the people. Meaning the other people in the household. Idk what to do, I try to tell my husband to take meds or a nap or to sepreate himself from us but he won't do it. He says he is fine.. Any other suggestions to help husband and children?
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      Hi,, my partner has schizophrenia also. Reading this has made me feel sad as we have a 1 year old. And at the moment he is a fantastic father, hes so kind and gentle with our child. But I do worry as I wont leave my child with him. Feel free to private mail me if you need to chat. We only found out a year ago my partner has this

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      I would recommend visiting the psych either with your husband or on your own.

      Family involvement is crucial, I'm sure you would be welcomed with open arms, also any contribution you can make regarding his symptoms.

      People with any MH problems tend to forget things, so its good to have another person there to remember what happens in the appointment if nothing else, but as you live with him you should be an integral part of his treatment. You would be down under.

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      Quote Originally Posted by BorderlineDownunder View Post
      as you live with him you should be an integral part of his treatment.
      Yes, this. It bears being said over and over.

      If you are in the US, insist that he sign a HIPAA form giving you full access to his records. That way you can assist fully in his treatment. Without it, the doctor can listen to you but not talk to you.

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      Hi, my husband suffers with psychosis although he doesn't have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I've never met his psychiatrist as he prefers to go with his CPN. I do have a good relationship with his MH team though (he is under an early intervention in psychosis team) and will phone and speak to his CPN if I am worried about him. I know that when he's poorly he often doesn't realise and so won't inform them. He is also scared of being sectioned if he tells them things. His explainations for hearing voices are always plausible (unless you have witnessed him reacting to things that haven't been said) and he does not recognise/admit that he has ever experienced this. Does your husband have a CPN you can talk to. I also have a family liason CPN from my husbands team who supports me, it might be worth asking if this is possible. I find it very helpful. We have also done joint work with both CPNs together which has been useful.

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