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    Thread: I'm not sure if I'm overreacting of if I really have a problem.

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      Default I'm not sure if I'm overreacting of if I really have a problem.

      Hi everyone, it's my first post ever on any forum!

      I post to ask what might be wrong with me.

      FYI it has been around 3 years since i have been experiencing this. I'm a straight male, incase that matters lol.

      I'll just put simple points so you all can easily see what my problems might be.

      1. I overthink everything, for example even if a close friend call me a 'loner' or asks me to 'shut up' for conpletely jokes sake I end up spending the whole day thinking nobody likes me and I that I am alone.

      2. I tend to daydream alot. It will mostly be about me dying to save people i knoe or just dying in a sad way. It occurs when i walk anywhere (it always happens when im walking alone) , before i sleep, when im in lectures or class.

      3. I hurt myself when i drink. I end up creating wounds, they arent serious wounds but they do leave scars. I feel somewhat less worthless after it happens although i do tend myself to first aid a while later.

      4. When someone of my romantic interest shows a little bit of interest in me (even if it is a friendly gesture) i overreact in my mind or if my romantic interest even sees another male just as friends (even if the guy is not single) i feel worthless and pathetic to the point i just want to go hide myself forever. However this disappears the moment i talk to her.

      5. My father scares me. Although he is very strict and expects alot from me my father is a great dedicated family man. I have so much respect for him and love him, however even hearing his voice puts me into so much fear I tear up at the thought of replying to him. I envy my friends dads who like to joke and mess about with their children.

      6. I have a tendency to look out for the people i know. For example, even if everyone is having fun together i would be fixated in the safety of them and end up not having fun with them. I don't show it if it is unnecessary but its in my mind most of the time.

      I don't remember what else that might be useful to you all right now. I will edit if i do!

      Thanks for reading guys! I really appreciate it.
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      hi and welcome

      I'm really sorry you are going through such a hard time.

      people are like machines, we need constant maintenance care and tuneups

      if we don't get it (most of us don't) bits start to fall off and misfire.

      Sounds to me you've had quite a long time of neglecting some Self Care Issues and now you're heading for the stage you cant ignore them any more?

      would you go to counselling as most of what you describe would respond very well to good therapy

      I had a therapist explain how important it is Not To Get Isolated, as Isolation makes you MI.

      He's right, so right. As much as we might rebel we are just big pink gorillas and need a Pack to Feel OK

      what you are feeling is entirely normal for the 21st C.

      I hope you can do something about self care, and connecting again, therapy will help with this.

      even writing is good therapy btw! so keep it up

      Thanks ajh0130 gave thanks for this post.

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      Thank you so much for the advice. I realised that I forgot to add the fact that I dont tell anyone anything and its probably the first time ive ever been open with something like this.

      Do you think it would be wise to get a checkup? I always fear that I would be overreacting about things like this.
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      Do you think there is a problem?

      What do you think the problem is?

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      I sometimes wish it really was a problem. So i can justify myself for feeling like what i mentioned above.

      I really don't know what the problem is. I always have in the back of my mind that im just overreacting and I should toughen up.

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