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    Thread: Dementia in the Elderly and the Improper Treatment

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      I once went to a nursing home to help out. It was not easy. Not only did it bother me to see people suffering from various illnesses such as Dementia, but it was troubling to see how these people were treated. I remember going in a locked room where Alzheimer patients sat in wheel chairs. It had a lasting effect on me. Considering I was in eight grade- it had a detrimental effect. I specifically recall trying to talk to an old gentlemen. He was rambling on and I shot my friend a quick glance. As I began to realize that nobody in that ward was lucid, I walked up the nurses station. The nurses were just as clocked out as the Alzheimers patients. I am linking an article that I think is important to know. Ignorance is not an excuse.
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      So, what you want the nurses to do? They are clocked out.

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      I was a sister in charge of a dementia unit and I take exception to labelling all nurses this way - we were a superb place for people living with dementia. Don't tag us all with the same name
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