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    Thread: I was sexually assaulted then years later the abuser developed Dementia

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      Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
      Lol someone called 'Pepecat' has trolled my post!Censor me all you like!!I WILL speak the truth
      I changed the title of the thread - as you asked - because it looked like you'd developed dementia and not the person who hurt you.
      I also took out the name of the person and left the initial instead, as we don't allow naming of people on the forum, for both your and their safety.
      That was it.
      'When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago'.
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      Well I would say that one law in life is "what 'you' send out, will always returns back" so what that person did to you, had a return by having Dementia.

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