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    Thread: Mind and Brain: A Skeptical Look (Alzheimer Symposium 2015)

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      Default Mind and Brain: A Skeptical Look (Alzheimer Symposium 2015)

      Published on 26 Aug 2015

      This was Bernardo's presentation at the Alzheimer Symposium 2015 (Pagina niet gevonden ), organized by Fred Foundation ( on 5 June 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The presentation was based on the book:

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      Impressive presentation and fascinating but I lost it at about 10.48 and gave up because I couldn't make that leap from personal intra-brain experience to something external and universal My bad, possibly, but I don't have a great problem with individual brain activity (in other words perceived 'experience') being unique and therefore unclassifiable.

      It bothers me - yes - that if my brain deteriorates physically to the point where I can no longer remember, think or emote like my younger, more lucid self could, I might be locked into a living hell of semi-consciousness of my former self.

      I just hope I won't ever get to that place.

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