Still trying to get use to these (not those) flashbacks. Triggers in bus/game shop were finnish (the language) and I just diplomaticly got out right away without making a scene. Then are medicational trigger (helluva lot worse) which I had "good one" this morning. GOOD NEWS is than in comparison to the past, I still got my "sanity" sort of, while the reaction is on. It still steals the show 100%ly, undeniably. Wrath is kinda level 3 PTSD, UFC level 2 and this morning predator level 1 of PTSD reaction. Suddenly I take funny steps on the streets and small rapid twitch and I realise that I just fantasied wielding violence (head numb of course), but if people has recognized those oddities how could they see the reason for it in my head?

Is it Part of PSTD crap to "hear voices" like past audio track and presence at once in mind? Sounds stupid and I refuse to believe that everything is out of chart in my life (Freakness).