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  1. Weasel

    Zyprexa - the side effects (link)

  2. T

    Zyprexa or Saphras for OCD

    Ugg Zyprexa; weight going up. Gurr, Saphras load of side effects. Is there any good meds for OCD?? Was on a high dose of Paxil and went into a manic stage & had to come down to 40mg. So frustrated!!!! Depakote makes me feel so sluggish. Lamactial was working great but broke my mouth out...
  3. S


    hi, does anyone know or have experience for this new med - i have bipolar 1 and at present am constanly depressed no manic episodes for over 6 months and my pdoc has suggested this new med at present i take 10mg zyprexa and 15mg diazapam when needed - anty thoughts or advice much appreciated...
  4. P

    zyprexa (olanzapine) settlement

    does anyone know how (or if at all) this might apply to UK victims? http://www.zyprexaclassaction.ca/
  5. thing fish

    any experience with lamictal(lamotrigine)

    i was just prescribed this in addition to my symbyax and taken off the zyprexa. anyone have any experiences with it?
  6. S

    olanzapine (zyprexa) experiences

    Hi.I'm new here and wanna talk about olanzapine.I've been taking olanzapine for about a year now and am starting to become concerned.I've put on a lot of weight,more than 30 lbs.I'm worried about developing diabetes. I'm interested in peoples experiences with zyprexa olanzapine,good and bad.