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  1. H

    Why does Sertraline zombify me?

    My brief period (6 months) on Sertraline has been that it sapped my creativity and basically made me not want to do anything, not feel anything. I just sit at the computer and watch videos and occasionally walk around, or eat, or go to the bathroom. I just don't have any drive to really do very...
  2. M

    Sertraline is making me "numb" and indifferent.

    Hi guys, I am suffering from Dystymia and SAD and have been taking Sertraline 50 - 75mg for over a year now. It helps with psychosomatic ailments and moderately attenuates the anxiety & fear. My problem with Sertraline is: It makes me an apathetic zombie, indifferent to life and very...
  3. S

    So lost

    Hi I’m new at all this only recently I went to get help from my doctor. I just can’t take it everyday feels like I’m about to face a battle. I have 4 kids and it’s the only reason I haven’t killed my self. I wouldn’t want to mess them up like how my life was messed up. But it so hard I have no...
  4. Zardos

    Mental Minefield

    I can't think for more than a couple of minutes without being reminded of something i rather forget.. I'll be thinking along about random stuff.. And then.. BOOM !!! I'll uncover something I'd really rather forget... Everything reminds me of something bad... i think my memory is full ! The only...
  5. P

    Teenage white zombie fan.

    There i was, loving my white zombie. And then the psychic war began. What's it for exactly? I don't know, it's just there. Into a psychic war he says as i ride along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFqBTSvBPAU War is for apes, because they are dumb and they don't know how to do anything.
  6. zombiefishy

    Zombie apocalypse!

    Hello~ I like to be called Zombie on the internetz :P I found this site online when I was searching for forums where people talk about depression or mental health stuff as I'm currently depressed myself and I'm not comfortable talking about it with family or friends or people I know IRL. I was...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    zombie a little bit sort of maybe

    is there a medication you can take regularly that makes you forget? kind of makes it so you are aware of nothing but can still function? if so what is it? can I have it please xx
  8. prairiechick

    Quetiapine Woes

    I went up from 550 mg quetiapine to 600 mg, which helped me fall asleep a bit easier and took the edge off my stress at work, but then I felt like a frickin zombie all day. Went down to 550 mg, and then to 500 mg, and now, instead of being dopey all day my anxiety is increasing, and I self...
  9. D

    angry outbusts

    I am moving house on Friday and for the last few weeks ive been a big ball of rAAA! they increased my quitiapine to 300mg which I don't like bit of a zombie feeling but ive been feeling actual RAGE im scaring myself and don't know what to do any advice appreciated diddypinks
  10. A


    I was just put on risperdal to help my zoloft and klonopin work better. I am nervous about this med and am a stay at home mother to a 6 month old. In addition to my mdd I have major responsibilities to my daughter and do not want this medicine to turn me into a glassy eyed zombie. Just wondering...
  11. N

    side affects

    Hi all in new on here does anyone take mirtazapine or seroquel my meds just been changed to these feel like a zombie any advise pls thanks:sleepy2:
  12. mrlaurel

    just talking arse.............

    hello everyone, sorry about this post but I need to ramble on...... I'm sat here on my own, nowt to do other than watch sky news and stare at the four walls. My mood is around the four marker, had to go out but was only out about 30 minutes didn't want to be out any longer. I have had enough...
  13. Y

    Medication increase,

    Why is it every time I see my consultant all they do is increase my medication.I am now on 500mg quetiapine and 200mg lamotrigine and diazepam when needed.I am worried I will just end up feeling like a zombie. Also I am finding it hard to know what a normal mood is . Does anyone else find it...
  14. Fluffymum

    Is there a medication?

    That you could take loads of that would make you not notice/feel things so much? I have this theory that the less intelligent you are possibly some things in life are slightly easier, the lack of knowledge about things means you are blissfully unaware! Are there medications that knock you out so...
  15. RedRoseBeauty

    Dreaming of drugs

    So I just stopped taking my prozac (60mg) the other week. I don't feel too bad. Bit emotional and fragile at the moment like. I had a dream I went the docs and said I want counselling I don't want pills and she laughed at me & just handed me a prescription for more prozac. :( I don't want to...
  16. 555jess555

    Zombie?..Yes I think so

    I'm looking like a zombie with this lack of sleep. Heading towards mania I guess, if im not already there.
  17. LJayDow

    Been prescribed Seroquel for BPD

    Hey guys, I saw the shrink today and they have decided to put me on Seroquel, 300mg. I am very very nervous about going on it! Has anyone got any positive stories about it? I dont want to be a zombie :( I have a 7 month old baby that I really do need to be able to wake up for Laura
  18. S

    zombie like

    Hey all hope everybody is well, I am a 40 male and my story is like 10 years back when started to hide at home all the time and afraid of nothing, I got over it after taking Sepram for about 6 months, but 2 years back I had terrible panic attacks lasted for about one month and after extensive...
  19. P

    Feeling low

    Can anyone tell what risperdone do i have been on these for about six months due to mixed mood swings etc. I feel so low at the moment and can not get out of bed not sure if it is the meds or just the way i am feeling.ps i am also taking Mirtazapine, i am a walking zombie just want to sleep and...
  20. C

    I feel like a zombie!!!

    where do i start?? ok i feel awful.....i can't seem to get motivated to do anything, ive been taking 2 sertraline a day and after a week i think they are turning me into a zombie!!! i have no energy at all, i'm self employed and need to work tomorrow and i'm getting worried that i won't be...