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  1. C

    old boyfriend thoughts: is this anxiety or depression?

    Forgive me if this rambles... I fell in love for the first time when I was in college. Things didn't work out with us. I ended it because he didn't seem that into me. But all these years later, (and several relationships later and i'm currently married- have been for 18 yrs) I still think...
  2. T

    Need more help with brother

    I last asked for help sometime ago with my brother Brief recap he was a shut in for 5 yrs had a.lot of issues After 2 yrs of long talks his doc has him on anti depressants and anti psychotic drugs to stop him feeling down and quietense the voices he has learning difficulties and has been like...
  3. M

    ocd take back control of your life on youtube

    this guy suffers from ocd and understands what we go through, I listened to his story and this man has changed my life… just wanted to share that there is hope out there, and I myself have suffered with type o ocd for likd 27 yrs and his insights really make a difference….do yourself a favor and...
  4. H

    New member from Pennsylvania

    Hi everyone I am new here, would like to make some new friends and be able to be open and honest and get advice on situations or feelings. I suffer from Bipolar Depression, Mood Disorder, Anxiety, and ADHD. I was newly diagnosed with ADHD so this is all new to me? I have a 7 year old son who...
  5. L

    Self sabotaging

    It's been a while since I've posted on here, but lately I've been going thru a whirlwind of emotions and self doubt. I have anxiety disorder and toxic shame to the point it has completely destroyed my life. I am 38 yrs old and have never had a job or even learned how to drive a car. All of my...
  6. B

    Mood shifting on Dime

    I think those of us who suffer from clinical (major) depression are aware of the shift. You wake up with the best intentions to make your day “doable”. Then something happens or a series of things that throws you down into the pits. Well, that just happened to me about 10 minutes ago and I’m...
  7. S

    Breaking point. My story, please. TRIGGER WARNING

    Hello, I'd first like to welcome myself to all you beautiful people, I've never been on a forum or spoke to anyone online about myself however I don't feel safe to open up truly or taken seriously when speaking to friends or family Forgive me, this will be a long post, but I hope you stick by...
  8. Stephen Geog

    Quick Intro

    Hello Everyone I'm having a ESA medical tomorrow, my last one failed as I couldn't get anyone to come with me, My carew order is coming with me tomorrow, I suffer with moderate -severe arthritis in both knees and lower back, and PTSD symptoms *not diagnosed* from child abuse and being...
  9. C

    Quetiapine overeating for 6 years

    Hi I'm new here. I was diagnosed Bipolar ( type 2) 7 yrs ago and have been on Quetiapine xl for 6 yrs. Since starting quetiapine I have been overeating and gaining weight. 4 stone in total! I have always had insecurities about my weight even when i was slim, so its very very hard for me to be...
  10. 6

    Imagining like without meds

    I am not against medication...at all but sometimes I wonder if I could maybe do life without it. I mean I was without medication for 35 years and I was fine. I mean sure then I started to struggle but maybe if I wasn't on meds I would go back to being the person before 2 yrs ago. I am too...
  11. Heart_moon

    my initial diagnosis was a hypomanic state, brought on by a grief Reaction.

    my initial diagnosis was a hypomanic state, brought on by a grief Reaction. I do not know if on my post-natal notes, anything is 'written', but i went into a 2 week 'postnatal' high, at least this is what my sister who is a nurse said it was.... So i want to list here EVERYTHING else i have...
  12. A

    so drained

    hi x im new on here, so please bare with me.:scratch: ive had depression for about 30 years, in the past just got on with things and managed to put a front on, got very good at it. this year has been horrendous, im no longer a carer for my mum, did it for 10yrs, (she has earlyish dementia, my...
  13. K

    Plz plz help needed for my dad

    Ok my names Kim my story may be a little long but please I'm desperate please read My dad was brought up a gypsy he was taken away from family and put in special school he has learning difficulties he was abused for 2 yrs there by staff I only know this because he spoke with grandad about it...
  14. L

    Help for my wife....

    Hi folks, I'm new on here. Am basically looking for some advice for my wife who is currently trying to help her brother but getting no where fast and is at the end of tether with it all and doesn't know where else to turn. I'll start at the beginning. My wifes brother is 44 yrs old and has been...
  15. J

    Hello, I am new to this site, looking for some encouragement

    I have been in a depression rut for at least 10 yrs now and have become quite comfortable in my own isolated world.
  16. S

    Not good today

    HI, like everyone else i am suffering with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and have been on and off for 18 yrs. have been ok for the past 5 yrs leading a normal life with occasional panic attacks. but in the last 4 months the anxiety is back with avengance. am now scared to go out ,have had...
  17. S

    Diagnosis stage... Finally!

    Hi everyone. My mental health problems first came to light nearly 13 yrs ago now. Looking back it probably started before then, but at this time I was faced with coming to terms with sexual abuse that happened when I was 8. I had kept these memories hidden for years. Between 2001 and now I've...
  18. J

    Life after depression, now what?

    Hi everyone, i live in Wisconsin and am sending good thoughts to all those being hit by the latest storm. Congrats to CA for your rain. I have struggle with depression and suicidal thinking for 46 yrs. i've been in therapy for the past 30yrs. My goal was to be alive at nighttime. Treatment...
  19. F

    hi :-)

    Hi all. I'm new here. Diagnosed eventually with personality disorder at 34 after every other mental health diagnosis going! Showed all the signs, now I know what they are, since I was 14 yrs old. Recieving mimimal help atm!!!
  20. T

    your thoughts please

    My partners has been diagnosed with severe personality disorder. Is this something that actually can get better in time or will it always be the same? He had a break down yrs ago and has been labelled lots of diff things over the yrs but this was the final one. Some days though I just have had...