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  1. cpuusage

    The 5 Levels of Healing

    The 5 Levels of Healing: A Guide for New Patients - YouTube 5 Levels of Healing
  2. F

    Report Finds YouTube Presents ‘Distorted Picture’ of Schizophrenia

    Although many people may turn to YouTube for information on a variety of health conditions, few studies have investigated the accuracy or quality of the information on mental illness presented in these videos. A study published this week in Psychiatric Service in Advance has concluded that...
  3. cpuusage

    The wayseer manifesto

    THE WAYSEER MANIFESTO - [Official Video] (HQ) - YouTube Wayseer Manifesto
  4. E

    New 'Schizophrenia' Channel on YouTube

    This is the link to the channel, Here This is the first episode of the channel, Here Please discuss in this thread.
  5. chesterking

    I do have severe paranoid schizophrenia

    I just watched a youtube video and I fit the bill perfectly.
  6. N


    Hey guys, my mam was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was a child, I made a YouTube video about what it was like growing up. [moderated]
  7. Im_Lost

    I need motivation!

    i literally have No motivation what so ever... its not like im lazy i do leave the house to go food shopping and then out with my friend and we visit each others houses, then theres work on the weekends. i just have no motivation to do anything on the days when i dont have plans and the days...
  8. O

    Depression hitting hard, could use a hug

    Like the title says. Its hurts to be around people but it hurts to be alone. Hard to focus on anything. Relying on faith. That is, I dont want to ask for help but I know somewhere in the back of my mind that that would be best for me. so im just taking it on faith that it would help, and making...
  9. valleygirl

    Binaural Beat and Theta Waves in Music

    Has anyone ever tried listening to music with either theta waves or binaural beats in it? I've tried listening to both on Youtube. It's supposed to be relaxing music, but it actually makes me feel even more on edge and revved up.
  10. O

    Advice about anxiety video? (I hope this is the correct forum)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and looking forward to meeting new people. Do you have any advice? I made a video having to do with anxiety and what I did to deal with it - because I thought it would be helpful to other people. My concern is that this site suggests not revealing your identity. When I...
  11. LittleAmphipod

    What's wrong with my brain?

    I've been feeling terribly restless with horrible mood swings (very little happiness), quickly agitated, irritable, it feels as if life has no meaning and nothing matters. I'm also often sensory overloaded, overstimulated, I feel quickly criticized. I am able to get some joy out of certain...
  12. E


    has this ever helped anyone, I have schizophrenia? I recently discovered a spiritual breathing video on youtube.
  13. P


    Ok, so somehow I stumbled across this place and just feel the need to release, I'll probably delete this at a later point but anyway. I'm stuck in a huge rut which is doing nothing for me, due to my anxiety I messed up at school and missed out on a lot of things and I've been doing nothing for...
  14. Apravo

    The Seat of the Soul

    Has anyone ever read the book above by Gary Zukav? I recommend it, I think following his way of thinking, would help people suffering with different kind of anxieties, mental pressures we put on ourselves. I think you can view him talking on YouTube, Before you decide to read anything of...
  15. valleygirl

    For When You Are Really Stressed

    I found this the other day on youtube, and it helps me calm down and maybe even smile a little when I am really stressed, so I thought I'd share it in hopes that others might find it calming as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEUpHtxcMzE
  16. E

    Bi-Polar \ Schizophrenic OR Waking Up?

    Sean Blackwell, had experienced psychosis a number of years ago and was diagnosed Bi-Polar, but instead of getting into the system, on drugs and on the dole, he had support from friends and family members that turned his psych crisis into a transformation. He is now a published author, famous...
  17. T

    Taylor Monroe

    Hi, I've been schizo affective for about 6 years now. I've seen things, heard things, and been through things. But I do have, and have had a lot of fun going through it all. Recently I started making youtube videos to share my experience and to relieve all that's in me. Lets see what...
  18. Sen

    Should I do it ?

    I'm thinking about making my own youtube videos relating to depression/life experiences etc.I don't know whether or not I should do it or not,I know that I will receive a lot of nasty comments on youtube because of it through.I don't want people to really see my face or anything,so I plan to...
  19. dubblemonkey

    the emotional minefield of "youtube"

    ... just recently I discovered that there is almost an infinite number of interesting things on 'youtube' to become interested enough to share thoughts and 'comment' on! and I was pleased that I was keen to involve myself in discussions with other interested people. ...and to learn from these...
  20. O


    there was this guy on youtube, theplanetearth, and he said don't take the benzos.... now i agree....feel like a stoned zombie...... i asked for sleeping pills...... do u feel the same way?