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  1. RookieatBest

    For Real Thought Broadcasting Folks

    Go on YouTube and search up Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking.
  2. S

    Hi everyone

    I'm Sean. Just needed to talk to someone. I have been diagnosed with major depression and was given an ssri for it. But couldn't really afford the medication long term or the docs consultation. And couldn't really talk to him about some issues that I can only discuss behind a curtain of...
  3. MajorMoody

    I'm creating a platform for myself...

    Hey guys and gals, my name is Jared, and I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder back in 2009. I was 19. Over the years I've faced drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, delusions, homelessness, poverty, and back in '09, I was in a catatonic state, only barely being able to write my...
  4. UglyLoser

    I have a YouTube channel that some of you might relate to.

    I started a Youtube Channel that deals with depressing topics like being lonely, being ugly, what it's like not having any friends, constantly being rejected romantically and platonically, etc. I have had depression for a long time and I know that during certain days when things got very bad, I...
  5. R

    Preparing for my fate...

    I've been subconsciously acting in a particular way for some time now... Saving money to leave to my family, avoiding any kind of interaction with the opposite sex for fear of 'liking them', and selling my possessions regardless of whether I need them or not. I also upload videos of myself to...
  6. Zardos

    Badly Suicidal

    i think of people who are dying allot.. People who want to live.. i wish i could gift them the life i had left.. They want to live.. And i want to die... Doesn't seem fair somehow.. There ought to be a way of swapping. I'm watching suicide videos on YouTube.. Which probably isn't helping... i...
  7. valleygirl

    Stupid Me

    I spent the whole day watching ED videos on Youtube today. I was going to listen to relaxing music on Youtube and read Harry Potter, but I got sidetracked and seduced into the ED videos instead. Ate pancakes with honey for breakfast and then nothing else all day. I don't know what you'd call...
  8. M

    so the lady my know, boy loves her t this day

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way - YouTube
  9. P

    Hey everyone check this out.

    Hey it's Paige and I wanted to inform everyone that I made a YouTube channel for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses I really do want to inspire people and when people hear my name they say oh I know her she helped and made being schizophrenic not so tough but I'm posting videos on YouTube...
  10. katya

    YouTube resource: Trauma Recovery University for CPTSD

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so sorry if it's in the wrong place! This is a great resource: Trauma Recovery University The ladies who run it are called Athena and Bobbi (although Bobbi is taking a break at the moment), and they run a live Q&A (lasting an hour or so) on a...
  11. F

    A Great Talk on Low Self Esteem

    No-Self Esteem | by Ajahn Brahm - YouTube Enjoy! There are many more talks by Ajahn Brahm on this same YouTube channel if you're interested. Wishing you peace!
  12. M


    Hey everyone :) so I'm new to the forum and going to give a little update on whats going on.. I am 21 years old and recently been having anxiety, I do a youtube channel and started that at the start of the year but not really showing my true self on it, so today I decided to post a video on...
  13. H


    my names hannah and im new to this forum im 19 and i have bipolar disorder (i think bipolar 1) im obsessed with youtube and music and im looking for new friends cause im lonely :)
  14. cpuusage

    I Am That I Am ~NDE, Near Death Experiences

    I Am That I Am ~NDE, Near Death Experiences - YouTube
  15. P

    I Have The Cure For Depression-just go nuts!

    I have spent many years of my life in mental institutions in three different countries (africa,Ireland and england), and through intense observation I have discovered the cure for depression-just go crazy! Simples... The key is to go outside in the street by yourself with no friends and...
  16. balances


    What is Sufism? - YouTube
  17. cpuusage

    Psyche and Symbol

    1 Psyche and Symbol - YouTube
  18. cpuusage

    Jack Kornfield loving awareness

    Jack Kornfield loving awareness - YouTube
  19. cpuusage

    Santos Bonacci - Jesus Is Coming!

    Santos Bonacci - Jesus Is Coming! - YouTube
  20. P


    Funny to me on a whole different level. monty python-witch scene - YouTube Not so funny when they torture you.