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  1. W

    Where am I?

    I've a decent job, a wonderful wife, kid, house & dog - I miss being young. I turn to alcohol and try and relive it with younger colleagues. I go home and it kills me that I'm nearly 40; I missed my youth. I then drink alone and be full of anxiety and remorse, which leads to depression. What can...
  2. cpuusage

    How the Technologically-Immersive Culture is Wrecking Our Youths Health & Well-Being

    How the Technologically-Immersive Culture is Wrecking Our Youths Health & Well-Being How the Technologically-Immersive Culture is Wrecking Our Youth’s Health & Well-Being - Mad In America "In 2011, the Journal of Pediatrics published a review of studies looking at the effects of screen time on...
  3. FallenAngel

    Youth Mental Health In The Dark Ages

    BBC News - Youth mental health care 'in dark ages', says minister
  4. F

    Cheated on my partner - love or youth?

    I've been with my boyfriend on and off for about 3 years, and we're planning to move in together in half a year. He is my best friend and greatest supporter. Lately I've been getting cold feet about moving in and settling down with someone as I'm only 23 (he's in his 30s) and have a lot I want...
  5. BillFish

    home sweet home

    Spent two and a half weeks in hospital.Frankly the nicest and most professional staff I've ever come across. Complete culture shock for me, not a hint of bullying or even a scowl, just attentive, kind and considerate people. Nothing like I've experienced before.Had one bad night after I saw a...
  6. A

    Im losing everyone

    So one of my mentors is transitioning out of my youth group, because he is on worship band on weekends. I understand, but that means I wont see him anymore. I only saw him on youth group days and I see him on weekends, obviously because hes on stage, but he never comes out to socialize. So I...
  7. razza


    I was home alone. I was speaking to my youth helpline counsellor online. I dont know why, I dont know how things fell apart. I started bawling and didnt feel so good... Felt like choking, sick in my stomach, I had to physically hold myself together I am falling apart falling to pieces i dont...
  8. P

    You lookin' at me..?!

    Hi. I'm Princess smarty pants < a good friend calls me this so I thought it apt for a username! I work in mental health: The good, the bad and the ugly and have done for x amount of years. I've a keen interest in youth and the homeless...that doesn't read too well, but I know what I mean! I'm...
  9. T


    I've put this in the depression sub-cat because thats what I think it best fits in, although it covers a range of things. I apologise in advance for the length of this, but I'm almost completely unable to talk about it with people I know :/ I'l start from the beginning. I grew up with my...