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  1. C

    Looking for answers

    Hey, I'll start this off by saying that I'm currently living fairly stress free. No job/relationship/money worries. However, for as far back as I can remember (even though I seem to have a memory comparable to a goldfish) I've had a few things bugging me. My ability to think normally seems to...
  2. NicoretteGummed

    My best Mate.

    My best mate is probably,bar Prison or Homelessness in the worst position I've ever known anybody be in. He's been in Non-stop Schizophrenic and Alcoholic Hell in a Horribly Rough and Crime Ridden Area for 8 Years without any respite care whatever. Tonight he's just phoned me to say he has...
  3. razza

    running our of time. tick tock.

    running out of time. tick tock. I cannot breathe. I'm running out of time. Tick tock. I've got a fking clock counting down. I'm running out of time!!! I'm never going to get better! My younger sister N is 6 YEARS younger than me, 19. Im the "intelligent" one of the family - well I was, got...
  4. BlasphemousContessa

    I hope this is where it goes.

    Hi. I'm not sure what's wrong with me or if it's just a normal human thing I am blowing way out of proportion. I once saw a therapist and she tried to put me on meds after one session so I never went back. To give a little background (and I have no idea how much is pertinent and if I'm leaving...
  5. diamondshine

    some good news

    Thought I'd share some good news (cos we all need some sometimes), which is that my brother got engaged last night!! He proposed using my grandma's engagement ring which I think is quite sweet. :thumbsup: Now he's two years younger than me and so it emphasises my own singleness feelings, but...
  6. S

    What is this?

    Good morning, everyone. I'm new and attempting to solve something that has had me in a confused state for most of the 20 years I've been married. First, he's going to be 40 in a couple of months. 1. He's a perfectionist in everything he does, from completing a simple task to driving a car...
  7. thedreamswehad

    May i ask a question?

    I'm not sure where to ask this question, but i'll just put it here. I'm 17 on the 1st Aug and have often been told i look and act in my 20's. When i'm replying to peoples post i sometimes add my age, sometimes not. But a question that always lingers in my head when i post on the forum is do...
  8. R

    I need to change something

    Ok...so what's the cause? That's always my question when "Why am I not feeling good" comes. This year started real good professionally speaking. I'm finishing my BsC on Chemistry and won a research grant on a prestige lab. The grades are good. And the grant's money helps me and my family a lot...
  9. H


    A 49 year old male,suddenly finds himself single again,after many years being married and bringing up a family.Question what does he do with whats left of his miserable life.He's straight not gay,not that it makes any difference.He's still interested in the opposite sex but has mental health...