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  1. subvertedeye

    How old were you when depression hit?

    I was wondering how old people were when depression became a factor. In the UK, there is rising child mental health problems, and sufferers seem to be getting diagnosed younger and younger. I myself can remember depressive periods from the age of 5, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 12.
  2. E

    Very Worried :/

    Hey guys im back again after a very very long while :) basically i have a bit of a situation that i dont know how to adress properly. i used to self harm for quite a long time ( ive been SH free for about 8 months now) and i have found out that my younger sister has started self harming, shes...
  3. M

    Brother visiting but not excited

    My brother, sis in law and nephew are visiting in November from America, it just got confirmed an hour or so ago but I'm not that excited even though some people on here know how close I am to him and how much I miss him. When I last visited him in April it was the start of a spiral which I...
  4. M

    Hi guys

    Hey everyone, I'm Moll, I'm 20 and I was diagnosed with depression just over a year ago. I also have terrible anxiety, it's the thing I hate most. I did have eating disorders when I was younger but I have recovered from those now. Hoping to talk to people who've had similar experiences to me...
  5. B

    Hateful, spiteful younger sister

    Hi. I come from a dysfunctional family of six siblings. Our parents (Dad was dentist, Mom stay at home), were mentally ill and drug abuses. They also had knock down, drag out fights which lent my mother going to either a psych hospital numerous times or at least a medical hospital. Being a...
  6. F

    Ageing: Live faster, die younger

    For decades, evidence has suggested that people with schizophrenia have shortened lifespans. In the early twentieth century, doctors observed that these patients tended to die younger and seemed less healthy than other patients in the same psychiatric hospitals. And today, schizophrenia patients...
  7. J


    I've reported the sick individual to the police who f**ked with me when I was younger..
  8. pillzandskillz

    So i wake up and the arguments Begin

    Just don't get my girlfriend sometimes , she knows how stressed i get and she knows how easily i get annoyed but she decides to push the buttons on purpose anyway. When i was in home isolation for a year i had to gather so much strength to get better you wouldn't even believe me what my flat...
  9. H

    home life

    So today my mom says to me u look pissed off and I was like um no but do u want me to be pissed off... shit like that irritates me she never acknowledges me and I'm the first child its always about my younger brother and I just feel like she would have no problem cutting me off.. opinions ppl...
  10. K

    Big blow up with my son last night

    I was in such a state of mania and panic last night that I reached out to my younger son. I asked him to please help and come over. To my surprise, he did. I cried and we talked about how I needed him. He kept saying that he couldn't be around 24/7 for me. I told him I wasn't expecting...
  11. BillFish

    yeeeeeeeessssss! Get in Son!

    Well, Just rolled the dice and took a chance today and the man from Delmonty he say yes! Just got some work again, I'm chuffed to bits. A new venture and something to keep me occupied. In my younger days I was a chancier but have been a big fairy for a few years,decided to take a chance and see...
  12. A

    Hello I am new..and lost here is my tale

    Hello, from a early age I have had a anger issue. I was emotionally abused by my sister and deserted by my mother when I was a baby. My sister who was 4 years older than me, used to hold me in her lap and smack my face to make me cry, then she would cradle me and rock me until I stopped crying...
  13. I

    Can a Teenager be diagnosed with BPD?

    Who is 16? My sister is 16, & she shows most of the BPD signs. I have heard teens that are younger then 18 can't be diagnosed, is there a reason?
  14. Lincoln1990

    Extremely depressed...

    I'm very depressed. I don't have much energy. I'm 22, I should be being an adult. I should have a boyfriend and going to college. But I'm not. Then I read a very triggering thing on a different site that makes me feel like its my fault of what I've gone through when I was significantly younger...
  15. NicoretteGummed

    Can Sibling Composition Affect Charcter evelopment And Mental Health.???

    Can Sibling Composition Affect Charcter evelopment And Mental Health.??? Of course By Sibling Composition I mean how many brothers & Sisters someone has. I'm interested in this as I've got three younger Sisters and I feel Personally that the lack of a younger brother put excessive pressure on...
  16. willa2nd

    10 year early retirment

    Just wondered if I could take retirment 10 year early with having schizophrenia they say you could die 10 year younger just a thought ??
  17. E


    So,, Iv been to assesments and iv been reffered for CAT. which i am fine with. The thing is i have not been given a diagnosiss. I Received my ESA50 the other day as this has put into my head even more about wanting a diagnosis. I rang the place where i had my assesment and they said they...
  18. T


    Hello I am new here a friend recommended this forum for me as I have been feeling pretty low lately. I bipolar and am currently just starting Prozac again. I actually was able to seem myself off the meds I was on for approx three years but a lot of changes in my life have caused me to fall into...
  19. S

    Wish I could go out walking

    It's 03:30am, it's usual for me to be awake at this time, I don't sleep very much. I wish I could go out for a long walk, but it scares me to wander & 'wonder' what could be lurking in the dark corners. Shame I haven't a guard dog. Also, I alway's fancy going swimming in the lake at this...
  20. daydreamdelay

    New and need some advice!!

    as previously stated i'm pretty new to this site.. I was going to post on a similar site but it had a much younger age group and I didn't think it was appropriate for me to be posting there since I'm 20 years old. anyhow, I have had extreme anxiety ever since I was a young girl. My dad was a...