1. T

    Self Harmed again after some time

    Hello, I should introduce myself first. I am a 20 year old male. I have depression, remarcably, among cases of anxiety and other disorders. Have been seeing a psychatrist for 2 years and a half, I went to therapy for 5 years, but stopped when I changed cities in the beggining of 2018. I self...
  2. O

    First post in 3 years - Advice welcomed

    Hey, I write this post as my second entry on here since i joined & posted in 2015. Having reread my post from 2015.. much is still the same. I am still scared to talk to anyone as I fear I become a number in public statistics and labeled as someone who has mental health issues. Over the past...
  3. B

    Christmas sucks

    So, long story short - Christmas sucks. For the longest of times I thought I won't be visiting my parents because I got slightly offended by my mother a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday my brother texted me to help him with the Christmas shopping. Given as I couldn't be there with him (I...
  4. E

    Citalopram to Mirtazapine.....anyone done this?

    I've been on 40 mg of Citalopram for over two years but recently the old feelings of helplessness, depression and anxiety reared their ugly heads and I went straight to the Dr. He advised I wean myself off citalopram and switch to Mirtazapine. So I followed his advice and did 5 days on 30mg, 5...
  5. C

    A friend of mine...

    So yesterday I came home and my roommate was talking about how someone was spying on us, had hacked our phones and was listening in. All day yesterday and today he kept talking about all this weird stuff he could do with technology just by touching it. I don't know what's wrong. He gets really...
  6. P

    Kinda new here, feeling alone

    Hello, I'm kind of new here, I've been diagnosed with Schizoaffective, OCD and i have Depersonalization, i just decided to delete my FB account, it makes me unhappy and i got tired of the loud arguments and fairy tale lives and i'm trying to do some things for me and i don't want to seek...
  7. O

    Patience is a virtue

    Hi all. I'm new to this site. This is my first post. I'm on risperidone and really feel it's not working. I heard 85 voices yesterday. Think I need a medication change. Am waiting for my cpn to call me back. Have patience. ☺️
  8. M

    Restless legs

    I nearly wrote restless eggs :grin: I thought it was related to inactivity but apparently not as i did loads of walking yesterday. I thought iron, maybe that is true. It could be Piriton as i had that. What helps?
  9. Anime-Alchemy

    Last few days

    Well on Saturday morning, I go on my laptop for a short while and then I click to restart it because the previous day it wanted to restart, due to an update. Anyways i do this and let it install the updates but this update messes up and i'm unable to do anything other than sometimes get into the...
  10. A

    My worst fear happened yesterday

    I was completely humiliated in public. As well as GAD and depression I have other medical issues which causes incontinence. Yesterday my worst fear happened, for 11 years I've managed to avoid losing control of my bladder fully in public but yesterday I was in so much pain I fell over and lost...
  11. S

    my wife is suffering from delusions

    About a month ago my wife said she wanted to end our ten year marriage. I was shocked and it seemed out of the blue. Less than a week later she started having delusions. It included being able to give people visions, thinking someone was poisoning her, my brother trying to poison me and putting...
  12. U

    Boyfriend battling with depression

    My boyfriend got sent to the mental hospital in Ponoka yesterday. I don't know how to handle myself or how to support him. He's been dealing with mental illness way before we got together. Starting with his ex wife. I didn't realise how bad he was till he came home from an appointment with his...
  13. L

    Need Support, In a Bad Way

    My husband and I argue when I am ill because he gets angry and can't cope with my BPD. Arguments trigger in me emotional distress and suicidality. I have no-one to talk to about my feelings. My daughter is in her teens and is unfortunately familiar with me having a meltdowns, although...
  14. L

    I’m losing my smile

    So I am dealing with a form of depression. I don’t know how severe it is. However, I have been trying to work through it the best way I know how. One is which I get out of the house. Yesterday I tried to go out with a new friend. We went out to eat, and she ended up wanting to go shopping. I...
  15. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Musical Instruments

    This thread is to post about musical instruments, that have caught your imagination, or that you wasn't aware of :) I was following clips on You Tube yesterday, and I happened upon the tongue drum :) It has an amazing sound :)
  16. Topcat (was FunkTheFear)

    Where am I supposed to go for help?

    It seems over the years I am not well enough, or crazy enough to fit anywhere in healthcare. The GP doesn't want to deal with my mental health issues. The IAPT counselor in 2012 ended up sending me to CMHT. After a particularly harsh appointment yesterday with a pdoc it seems I'm a waste of...
  17. Zardos

    Self Harm ? Continues ?

    I just couldn't hack yesterday.. So i took a non fatal overdose.. i do that allot.. Too much.. I'm going to end up accidentally killing myself one of these times... i took way too much yesterday... i don't remember much after that.. i blacked out about midday.. Woke up this morning in bed at...
  18. B

    “Do your parents know?”

    It’s a question I’ve gotten asked a lot by my various counsellor/therapists. There’s so many reasons why I haven’t told them, or any family member for that matter, but it’s constantly a huge weight that’s pulling me down and preventing me from fully recovering. Yesterday I used the work...
  19. L


    I have been self harming since Wednesday night. I self harmed. I wanted to do feel it again Thursday morning so I self harmed again and yesterday and today. I think I am now addicted. How am I gona stop??! Obiously I am struggling so much that is why I am self harming
  20. nickybow86

    having a bad day...

    after starting prozac 2 weeks ago this is the first low day iv had.. no particular reason for it just feel distant, emotionally numb and physically ill. Just really crap and low. yesterday i posted about how my depression feels like it comes and goes alot which makes me suspect bipolar at times. :(