1. S

    Learned the hard way to not care what others think you..

    I was in a 12 step program called Al-anon, and Co-dependents Anonymous, for relationship problems. Well.. One day i was on the phone telling my Brazilian sponsor, who adopted me as her daughter, how i hated being judged, backstabbed, gossiped and talked about by others. My sponsor (adopted...
  2. M

    Phobia of loud noises

    I have fear of loud noises, like fireworks, firecrackers, popping balloons, and people who yell and shout!!! You I can resolve this phobia?
  3. Lincoln1990

    Losin' it...

    I'm definitely losing it. They've done nothing but yell at me. I can't sleep. They make it impossible. They yell at me when I try to sleep. They say it's not safe to sleep. I'm sooooo tired.
  4. M

    #¤%¤!!#%%¤%& excuse the language

    I just want to fuckin yell at someone but theres noone here, so I will just yell here. fuckshitchristdamnpissinmyearfuckmeandmylife!! Im so angry at me and I cant get away from the thoughts running around in circles I want it to end everything but I cant make it happen. Because Im a wuzz and...
  5. tiltawhirl


    I must be feeling a little bit down because I have just let everything go with the housekeeping and just got up this morning and was so upset with myself for letting things start really piling up again. This bipolar makes me so that it means I can't stick with anything reliably and I...