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  1. N


    Hiya, I decided to sign up to this just so I had somewhere to put all my thoughts. I've been dealing with some issues for the past few years (since around Year 10- I'm now an undergraduate, so roughly 4 years). I'll probably put up a more detailed post in an appropriate section later. I...
  2. GhostRagdoll

    I'm not sure what's really wrong

    Hi there, I'm a new user. You can call me Marie. A bit about myself before I bring up what's bothering me right now, just so you have some backstory. I'm 26 years old and have been suffering from depression for 19 years now, I also have NVLD. For the past 7 years, I've been suffering from DP/DR...
  3. P

    Lexapro withdrawal symptoms and trying to have some quality of life

    i am 56 years old man who was officially diagnosed with depression,major depressive disorder, about 15 years ago,although i believe i have had it my whole life.i took effexor for a few years and then went seamlessly into Lexapro which i took for about 10 years up until about a year ago.both...
  4. F

    Just diagnosed

    Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with BPD after years and years of suffering since I was about 13 (I’m now 20). I’m having an absolute nightmare. I currently take Citalopram for the anxious side of things but NOTHING helps the other aspects other than just riding them out. I’m currently...
  5. I

    Am i bejng unreasonable?

    Hi so my so called bf ling distance of 3 years never wants to spend new year with me just with his parents all the the time.im begging to feel like we are not even in a relationship.for the last three years he always spends it with his parents and today
  6. J

    Stimulants for Treatment Resistant Depression in the UK

    Hi, Has anyone in the UK here ever been prescribed a stimulant, such as Ritalin, or Dexedrine, to counter their treatment resistant depression? I have been through all sorts of treatments over the years, with little effect. I am thinking of asking for this. Regards Jeremy
  7. D

    New to Forum Bpd, anxiety, depression and panic sufferer

    Hi. Just introducing myself.I'm 42 and after years of suffering from the age of 4 with the above have been diagnosed with Bpd from childhood trauma. Have joined to chat, get and offer help and advice with mental health. Have been meaning to for a while and after a pretty miserable Xmas...
  8. angry butterfly

    i'm so stupid...

    Please help and reassure. Relapsing, took my eye off the ball. Have come a long way with my ocd. Has been managable and not so intense and acute. Now something and have strong anxiety again, just like have had so often and for so many years in the past. Dont like to be reminded of all that pain...
  9. D

    Another mental health soldier

    Hey guys first time on here. Currently battling anxiety and depression for the last year and having a look about and learning some more about mental health as knowledge is power and all that. Been through this exact thing 15 years ago and suffered for 5 years and it's now back with a vengeance...
  10. M

    calling all people on quietiapine, slowly withdrawing

    Hi All, After depression for many years and one bad psychotic phase I was dx with bipolar and prescribed 300mg of quietiapine. Now this drug has literally saved my life. I do have bad side effects, the racing heart beat in the evening, stuffy nose and the hangover effect as well as the weight...
  11. I

    Do i have PTSD?

    Hi all, I'm asking the question here, as I feel like if I go to my GP, I might be wasting their valuable time. I've always connected PTSD with people who have much more terrifying experiences than I ever have, soldiers and victims of horrific car crashes for example, but I'm beginning to wonder...
  12. R

    Agoraphobic for years.

    Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has been agoraphobic for years? I've been agoraphobic for 11 years now since I was 18, I'm 29 now and in those 11 years I have only gone out a few times. I just don't know what to do anymore I cant cope with life and do wish my life away, I feel useless and a...
  13. R

    My Diagnosis / Feeling alone.

    Suffered with dissociation on and off for 10 years severely. Diagnosis in October 2018 with BPD recently went through a period of hearing voices / shut off from society feel no emotional connection to friends and family (I want to I just can't.) I feel as though I don't have a soul? I hate...
  14. D

    Anxiety is a little out of control

    Hi a little bit about me, well I started with anxiety nearly ten years ago I had s few problems and everything got on top of me through work with a counsellor and doctor I managed to overcome this I’ve been on sertraline for the ten years to now all of a sudden I feel like I’m slipping back in...
  15. C

    Helping My Children

    My ex wife has BPD. At least this is my non-professional diagnosis after many years of a confusing marriage. It was the main cause of our marriage failing. I moved out a few years ago and our relationship is much better now. I'm no longer compelled to put up with her moods or try to fix things...
  16. A

    Sup, new member

    Sup, You can call me goblin, im 18 years old and came here because i've been depressed for three years and have(had? i think it's almost over now idk) PTSD. I hope I can get along with everyone here :^)
  17. K

    Should i continue cbt ....is it working

    Hello everyone my names james i have just joined this forum, i have had anxiety/panic attacks for around 22 years on and off. My anxiety is specific to travel nowadays and i visited a therapist approx 2 years ago as the anxiety had manifested itself to the point i could not drive on a motorway...
  18. O

    Bpd traits

    Hello, I am new here. I have suffered from mental health issues for as long as I can remember, suffered a complete breakdown 13 years ago but recovered from it slowly. 2 years ago I have been told that I have bpd traits and I mostly suffer from intense rejection, real or imagined which gives me...
  19. R

    Does my ex-girlfriend suffer from bipolar disorder?

    Dear members, I am from Germany and looking for help and support. Unfortunately, I cannot find many information on german webpages, thus I signed up here to get some support and your assessment. Current situation is quite complicated. My ex-girlfriend broke up 2 months ago as she lost...
  20. J

    Hi from the uk

    My name is jess. Im 29. I have two beautiful children, both of which have suspected autism. My husband and i have been together for 15 years and we have aleays had issues as he is older than me by 10 years and i feel like he controls me, especially when it comes to money. I have suffered with...