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  1. L

    22 Years old, living like a reclusive 70 year old.

    So I had a vivid dream last night where somebody who I went on a few dates with last year, a person I’ve been thinking a lot about recently, broke me down and basically gave me a sort of ego death which has influenced me to post here… I am 22 years old, 23 in December, my days currently consist...
  2. S


    Pfft saying hello is so boring :grin: I joined because this year has brought a sharp focus on to my interpersonal relationships of all flavours, and I hope to make friends and share experiences and support for the problems life brings. My official diagnoses are of GAD and Depression. I also...
  3. J

    social anxiety and agrophobia for 3 years

    I'm a 26 year old female in the UK. This year has been the worst year of 3 years of agrophobia. I only go out if it's for family which is once every two months if that and thats straight to a car then to their house. I live with my partner he doesn't understand mental health but he is very good...
  4. L

    How do I get closer to people

    So I've just finished my freshers week at university and I met some really nice people so far. I am by no means comfortable and although I only live about an hour away from home, I feel so terribly homesick. I think without meaning to be, i've become quite insular and as a result, girls I know...
  5. A


    Hey everyone, Suffice to say, I came online this evening looking for somewhere to vent my frustration and sorrow, amongst people who would understand... At (almost) 27, I'm not new to depression. Three and a half years ago, it sank its claws into me hard - I'd just graduated from university...
  6. A

    My life is a constant nightmare

    Hi so a little background information about me. I've had depression on and off since I was about 9 years old, my parents constantly fought and my dad regularly cheated so the environment I grew up in was very toxic. It got even worse when I got into year 7/8 and I began getting bullied by my...
  7. W

    27 year old guy never had girlfriend

    Hello i am 27 year old guy and a lot of people compliment me that im not to shabby looking. i always take care in my appearance. people have said im not half bad looking. i'm wondering does my anxiety get in the way of me getting a GF? ive seen so many women i fancy who i chat to but im always...