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  1. U

    I've created an other person in my mind

    I've created a whole person in my head and I want to know if I'm weird for doing so.. And what does this say about me? Do more people do this? So this person started as an imaginary friend. When I was a child I pretended my stuffed animals were alive and basically did everything I wanted to do...
  2. S

    30, just started harming after like 15 years and male....WTF!!!

    Mental health been a mess for a few years but keeping it together enough but. Despite everything I self harmed last month and again today. Bare in mind I haven't hurt myself since I was a child. Recently came off meds and started dbt but wtaf is this about
  3. Zardos

    WTF ???

    I haven't been doing very well lately... So i needed this like a bag on my hip... I'll try and fill you in when i have more energy :low:
  4. M

    WTF doc lost faith

    I've been transferred to a new psychiatric doc and seen him twice in the last 3 months my mood goes up and down rapid but not had a high in some time now on lithium. Been to see him and said I have had some down moment he said I'm not depressed and never have been. Wtf when I've tried to kill...
  5. L


    I'm out of control. Slept with 3 blokes at the same time last night. Can't cope. Xx
  6. B

    Wtf enough!

    Cwnt do ythei no kre.
  7. Lincoln1990


    I had a horrible horrible dream last night. That my aunt committed suicide in FRONT of me. I couldn't sleep after that. What does this mean?
  8. Sunshine & Showers

    WTF is the point if seeing a doctor, they don't even want to help me anyway!!!!

    WTF is the point if seeing a doctor, they don't even want to help me anyway!!!! Feel like ending it all. Can't hold on any longer.
  9. bobshocker

    WTF ?????

    I am so losing my touch. No fucking infractions since 2012. what is going on? Man ain't offended no one with his mental shit. The shock been shocked out of the bob. seems in the past I could just look at a lady and she be scuttling to her church to confess. sign of the times. man's...
  10. progress

    doctors want u medicated...

    I don't want medication anymore... it is making me lethargic and slothful. I've lost my pep, vigour and " * " drive. Can these pdocs prescribe anything but funny coloured tablets? Wtf... medication will save you! etc. I am not dying (atm thankyou)
  11. R

    No support from MH Services

    I have experienced mental health problems since 14, suicide attempts, depression, selfharm, agraphobia,anxiety until i got well with help. i was discahrged from the mental health services i went onto meet my gorgous fiance tony and we were happy until he commited suicide in april 2009 (not his...
  12. D

    wtf some kijnd of midlife crisis at 30

    not doing so good right now I try to make the most of life most of the time but I feel that anxiety and paranoia is stopping me from enjoying things like being watched etc im going to get councelling hopefully because often I just end up really confused. voices are bad putting me down it can...
  13. Lincoln1990


    What. The. Smurf. Wtf, Want to die so much. Need to die so much.
  14. Lincoln1990

    I'm so upset...again

    Yep, what is there left to say? I just dipped out. Realised I posted on here about not being male? Wtf am I doing? What else have I done today?
  15. J


    Wtf I depressed cos I feelin sorry for myself no not a new thing but a long time selfish feeling tbh I feel like I worthless ugly and unfit I sh .i on medication and I sound sad I very lonely I have no friends because I push them away by my self paranoia and self judgement I don't wanna come...
  16. J

    over it

    I do not have anything left to give. My kids are going to hate me my husband deserves better and I am sick of so much medicine wtf did I do wrong to deserve this? I can not fake anymore I am numb. Where do I go from here?
  17. ABsea


    I selfharmed on friday and i think that it might be infected. I'm usually pretty clean so idk how it could've happened but it reallyy hurts to the point I am hobbling around. I really dont want ppl to ask wtf i did to my leg cause i cant stand lying anymore. How can I make this go away without...
  18. sunflower

    People say you can recover from BPD............. poss trig?

    Hmmmm. I don't believe that. Never have and never will. I am 42 years of age, was diagnosed maybe 4 years ago? and it's getting worse. It's ok to say I have more awareness and understanding of my condition now, but WTF good is that? I told my care co-ord I am convinced that I will not live...
  19. loulabelle


    hi guys as most of you have already gathered i am high... strange thing happened in my apprasal i started crying wtf???? any advise ppl? x
  20. L


    ok i just bin talking to a friend, now im worse. feel really guilty like i have done something wrong and its really pissed me off. he asked me how i was so i said that im shit at the mo. his reply was just think of the ppl in libya, who have it worse than u. like wtf, thats not fair. i feel like...