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  1. M


    Hi I was put on a CTO and my capacity has been taken away. Does anyone have experience getting off the meds and the CTO? Also, the pdoc said I was paranoid. I was basically writing everything down he said.
  2. qwerty1234

    I talk too much for people

    I just don't follow norms... All my friends have jobs and they don't respond all the time because they are too busy, though they read my emails. I struggle between being myself and writing a lot, versus being polite or conforming.
  3. qwerty1234


    Aaaaah in pain because people don't reply to me anymore and j feel like writing again out of attachment but I have to control myself
  4. mami5

    Claiming PIP

    I have a 21yr old son with learning disabilities. I would say his reading, writing and maths was similar to a 9yr old, if that. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything specific but he is very immature for his age.....when he visits me he often plays with Nerf guns with much younger children...
  5. L

    I'm leaving :/

    No one really posts to my questions or concerns on here so I don't see a point in writing here anymore.
  6. S

    maybe this would help..

    instead of writing about “how to live with voices”, maybe i should start writing how to live with brain(Nano)Chips – eg deepBrainStimulators? maybe it would help…
  7. skitzofrantik

    nae clue unknown rage maybe?

    so pretty much writing this for one selves to look back at times of weakness stupidity or unknown. so sitting here writing this in Dusseldorf, Germany more than a bit trippy. suppose starting with positives and ending positives is a good way to try and go. so had a list (I strangely wrote this...
  8. M

    Keep fighting. Never give up. You're the strong one.

    As I've mentioned in another anxiety forum thread, I have anxiety problems which give me obsessive intrusive thoughts, debilitating fatigue, and emotional numbness. I've been living with my problems for over 15 years but I'm not giving up. I have contact with a doctor who can hopefully prescribe...
  9. MajorMoody

    Am I okay?

    I've been feeling irritable and depressed. I start to think that work and school are meaningless. I want to be a writer, but I never get anything done... which might be my depression, but could also be my negative symptoms. It seems like I've been wasting time for too long. I haven't had a job...
  10. R

    problem writing on meds

    i can't write on meds, my writing is totally indecipherable, i tried printing out a letter for a friend i'm worried about but the printer either has given up the ghost or isn't happy with the new computer, ordered a new printer it is a problem my writing maybe i could write slowly in capitals...
  11. B

    What to do with the voices you hear, how to put it into a book

    Snatch conversation writing :) If your hearing voices and you do not know how to cope with them you could turn them into snatched conversation . This means writing down a little bit of what the voice is saying but only a few lines not everything. Let’s say the voice says (in fact you’re mind is...
  12. M

    Having trouble writing the letter "s".

    My anxiety is so bad I'm having trouble writing the letter "s". I try to write it and it takes a while and I can't explain it. I don't remember this happening before. Maybe I'm losing brain functioning? I don't know.
  13. JohnDoe-mk42

    Hi there... I would try and say it in other languages but is that a worthwhile use of my time?

    Hi there... I would try and say it in other languages but is that a worthwhile use of my time? The answer to the tile is no but it's more worthwhile than what I did write... Oh well nobody is perfect. So yeah I'm new to this and enjoy rambling on, you may have guessed. I'm from the UK, God...
  14. R


    Hi all, privileged to join, hope all are well. I've stepped onto the first rung of creative writing. Always happy to share, discuss or collaborate
  15. K

    Thank you.

    It felt good writing out my feelings. I guess i always did enjoy writing, so it felt good to let out a few things since all i ever did was push people away. too cool for school kinda attitude. But im done using this website, for a while. Reading others struggles made me appreciate my life more...
  16. A

    Is this GAD? My mind keeps creating associations between things and anxiety, and they're ruining my life!

    Is this GAD? My mind keeps creating associations between things and anxiety, and they're ruining my life! Because of taking too much MDMA four months ago (just over a gram in the course of five weeks) I think I've developed GAD or MDMA brought out an underlying anxiety disorder. I just want to...
  17. S


    New member writing
  18. Z

    fear pardox

    Hello! I am writing from Poland. If I fail, if I writing incoherently, this is the reason ;) I want to talk about popular paradox: When you're driving car, it is risk of accident. You could die. But most people are not scared. Often they're going too fast just for fun. When you're talking to...
  19. J


    new to this whole forum thing.... so today i have had a major episode. Been signed off work and college for 2 weeks and started back on meds at a lower dose (need to build up again) i self harmed for the first time in a long time today. not even sure why im writing all this to be honest all i...
  20. H

    Thinking of writing a book

    Hello! As the title suggests I am interested in writing a book, specifically a book designed to help others understand how their friends/family/workmates may be feeling when suffering from depression/anxiety, since that is an issue which I and others like me often face. I am well aware that it...