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  1. Jbb79

    Making Meme-pictures x x

    Hi, I Make " Meme"-pictures, to describe, my mental state > > If I want to Discuss some-thing, Maybe anger, I Google for pictures, About "Angry", Or, "Rage" x xx Then I got to web-page meme better, the modern Meme Generator., and, there I Load the Pictures, then I Can write a little Text...
  2. qwerty1234

    Rejection sensitivity and insensitivity

    I have a lot of problems with rejection. It is the same with food and I go through feast and famine on myself with friends. I feel awful every time they don't write. I get so deeply hungry for friendship but am scared to be me when I get attached, because it hurts so much. I am afraid of...
  3. N

    Do you think my MP can help is there is a conspiracy against me?

    Against myself and that its important for me to tell somebody incase something happens to me. I can’t go too much into it as they are probably monitoring my internet usage and what I write. What can a MP do? Will they help, will they investigate?
  4. M

    Feel broken beyond repair

    I honestly feel like that. I left my exam early today because my body simply did not have the energy needed to concentrate and write. This fatigue and all the intrusive thoughts are so overwhelming. Because I've been living like this for so much of my life, I have never had the chance to get...
  5. M


    So I went to the first CBT class on Wednesday evening. I don't feel like it is going to help but I'm gonna have to stick it out. It is a local nhs initiative and there are 6 sessions. The wait list for one on one is 15 weeks. They had us split into small groups and write down causes of...
  6. sunset547544


    I find myself in a constant battle with my weight. I am not overweight according to my BMI but any weight I gain all tends to be in my stomach and neck areas which I hate. I love being able to fit into my trousers (btw much easier than using scales) and not struggling to exercise, etc etc but...
  7. A

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for some time and recently decided to join it. I'm looking forward to finding some good support on here! I've been dealing with schizophrenia for some time so I'll write some posts about this at some point. Looking forward to being part of a great...
  8. N


    Not really sure what to put it just suggested to introduce myself, I'm new here still don't no how it works but I guess I'm here to learn and read?...written and deleted stuff on here just now so many times this is all I'm going to write...I don't no what to put to introduce me lol so hi ☺
  9. M

    Down and cat

    I read what someone else posted, about it being an extremely hard day to cope with. I am also going through a bad day and so have signed up. Not only has my depression returned this week, i am also having to force my cat to swallow a tablet morning and night and have been doing this for 8 days...
  10. boudreauj4

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Thought Records

    I go to a group for Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and I use it at home on these handout sheets of paper called thought records. It works well for me. In column 1 you write down what the situation is( what happened). In column 2 you write down automatic thoughts that are going through your head...
  11. S

    What happened to me?

    I'm not sure about how this works, i just searched through the internet about an online forum where i could get help or being heard and help me understand what is really going on with myself. Please write back to me..
  12. S

    Enter pleasure and vitality into your heart.

    There is a way to make your heart happy in the long run. Start writing a research topic that interests you. Make time to write at night. Use a specialist in your city or online. Write each night a page or two without increasing. Give him fifty dollars a month to help you. You will live happily...
  13. T

    10 years self harm free broken

    Hi. I really don't know what to say at this point. It's been around 10 yrs since I beat my self harm. But for some reason I broke tonight. Overall I'm not even sad. Something has just taken over me and I just fazed out. My mind is screaming telling me not to write this. I'm trying to distract...
  14. SilverOakleaf

    Simple idea: success log

    I made an account here once, made like one post, and then never showed up again because I got anxious about it, but I just got an idea the other day that I wanted to share. I've got some pretty significant depression and anxiety that I'm dealing with, and most other people with similar problems...
  15. S

    just joined .. hello :-)

    hello , i have just joined today and i would like to say hello . a little bit about myself .. mental health issues , dissociation , very possible spilt personality , depersonalisation and derealisation , all trauma related , been through bad things but currently getting professional help via a...
  16. M

    A mix of issues

    Hello, I'm new here and have joined several forums over the past few months with the intent of seeking out/providing support but each time I do, I begin here, to write an introduction but it always becomes overwhelming and I back out. So I'm keeping it simple this time and just saying hello!
  17. S

    Hello all from Stevie

    Hello all, I have been here before but unfortunately fear of the unknown and not being ready in myself resulted in me running with my tail between my legs. Anyway I'm back so I thought I would say hello whilst introducing you to who I am, what I am and what I am doing to over come my issues...
  18. write

    not new again

    I used to be stray on here. Left few months ago. Never thought would come back.... In bad place, how original, need somewhere to be, write, or just be part of. Hopefully won't get too involved again and will definitely try avoid conflict but hope can write journal as that did help before. I...
  19. Mark_01

    Schizophrenia Forum

    Have we explored every aspect of schizophrenia here on the forum? I don't think I have much more to write or ask. Wondering if others felt that way.
  20. blurrypeach

    Memory problems

    Hi all, I've been experiencing memory problems... but I kinda suspect my brain is "blocking out" some memories because they're too painful... is that possible? I can't recall some events that were comnected to some traumatic experience... if that's considered trauma? Like when my mom was on...