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  1. K

    Impulsive behavior close call!

    I almost bought a 2018 car. I have a 2011. It would've set me back $150 a month. Knowing it would tight on my budget I really was thinking about buying that car. Impulsive shopping I hate it!! If i would've bought that car I would definitely regret it Thanks to my boyfriend for talking me...
  2. Solitude1


    Hello. As the subject implies, this time I'm only going to get something off my chest. Today I started my medication. I have to use one fourth of a pill each time, and when I was dividing the pill into pieces one of the halves jumped and I lost it and wherever I searched I couldn't find it...
  3. T

    How does it affect your body?

    I have not eaten "properly" for any great length of time for over 3 years. My calorie count lately is fairly low I guess, not the lowest it's been, but my body seems used to it. I don't lose weight very quickly, I think I'd have to eat a really small amount to do that now, or exercise a lot...
  4. M

    I was in a car accident

    I was in a car accident last night. The car completely flipped over and I had to climb out the back. Police said I'm lucky to be alive but it doesn't feel that way. I wish I'd died there and then. It would've been an easy way out. I've been self harming more and more recently and I just don't...
  5. W

    Bottom of the pit.

    Today is a horrible day. I can't feel anything but sadness, a friend of mine just committed suicide and I can't believe it. He never even talked about it, ever. I understand why people do it, I stumble and want to do it sometimes myself. But I just wish he would have said good bye. I wouldn't...
  6. E

    My uncle

    My uncle emigrated to Canada when I was 3, so I haven't exactly seen much of him during my life. Recently he came over to visit, I feel bad because I didn't see him, he was only in the same city as me for 2 days, he went to Ireland & France & Italy, but he was staying with my mum 100 miles away...
  7. W

    I have BPD

    Ok so the psychiatrist says I have borderline personality disorder. He just confirmed what I've been suspecting. I knew I wasn't bipolar. & I know that there's more to it than depression and anxiety. He said that they knew this about me while I was in the psychiatric hospital. But they didn't...
  8. J

    I feel totally lost and disconnected

    I feel so lost. I don't know who I am any more. I've been living a 5 year lie. Ever since I could drink, take drugs, do whatever.... Ever since I left school where I was bullied so, so badly, ever since I used to see my father smashing the shit out of my mum.... I'd drink or smoke or do whatever...
  9. Frost

    I don't even know what's going on any more. Bipolar? Try polypolar...

    So the following is just me needing to get this out, it probably won't make much sense, so my apologies for that. So as I've said elsewhere on the forum, I've got a bipolar II diagnosis after a pretty classic presentation. But recently so much else has started happening, and I don't know if...
  10. mckeo5514

    can i disown my diagnosis?

    is there anyway of getting rid of my diagnosis? i wanna rejoin the army but there is no chance now, i was never dangerous or they wouldve kicked me out. but my medical details would trip me up now
  11. L

    The Myth of Mental Illness

    Hi psychologists/psychiatrists, I'm new here and don't expect to stay, but I just wrote something on some board and thought it would be interesting to hear a word from a psy: Context: Lonely people asking each other how to deal with loneliness and feeling bad about it. (Sorry about the...