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  1. J

    Insecurities, Relationship suffering, Money Issues, Worthless

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and just looking to hear some kind words or find people who may relate to some of my personal issues. Although it would be nice to hear some advice, I also know how tough depression can be and hope to be able to talk and make others feel like they're not alone...
  2. N

    I hate myself. things have become too wrong and too broken and I don't have anyone to turn to. No one!

    I hate myself. things have become too wrong and too broken and I don't have anyone to turn to. No one! Hi I don't know if this is appropriate or relevant for this part of the forum because I don't feel I have just one problem. In fact that's part of the problem. If I had just one affliction...
  3. P

    Why does everyone leave me

    Why does everyone leave me when my mental health gets “too bad” I wish I could run away from this. Feeling low and worthless.
  4. H

    Hi! New member intro 😁

    Hi all, I have finally come to acknowledge the fact that I suffer from anxiety. After years of blanking it out and ignoring the constant state of anxiety that I live in, always pointing the finger at my circumstances, I realised the issue is within me when my circumstances recently changed for...
  5. L

    Feeling like you don't deserve what you have

    So I've had this unrelenting thought in my head for a while now and I think it's a major cause of my depression (or vice versa). There's a nagging feeling like nothing good that I have or may have in the future is something I deserve. Anytime I get up from my depression couch and take a breath...
  6. A

    Stuck with depression

    Hello all, Just joined up. So Ive been struggling with depression like symptoms since last October time. 2017 was a nightmare, I had to give up my home and job in london to come back and be carer for my parents, 4 weeks after that mum died... dad was ready to just fall apart so I had to keep up...
  7. M

    I feel like I have a problem and I'm not sure what

    Hey everyone! I've always tried to be close to people or to integrate myself in groups, I feel awkward and don't know why. I find it really difficult to make friends, and when I do most of the time I lose them due to feeling depressed (complicated life + overthinking).:panic: I've tried to...
  8. R

    Hello there!

    I am a 20 year old girl and I' been going through a tough time lately. I just came back to my home town after I spent a year abroad and I've lost pretty much all the friends I had here. My family doesn't seem to want me here and my boyfriend left to travel indefinitely and said he can't deal...
  9. K

    No idea what more I can do...

    The short version of my story is that I'm 37, and have had depression since I was about 15. I've tried more than a dozen drugs, countless counsellors, religion, sex, drinking, etc.... I am at the lowest point I've ever been. Was fired from a job last year due to factors stemming from my...
  10. S


    I was kicked out of college for getting angry. My mental health probem feeling worthless. How might I be able to get back into education
  11. L


    So things had started looking up recently, but after a horrible shift at work yesterday, things got bad again. I understand that everyone was under pressure, but to skip to the point, a work collegue called me worthless in a rather harsh way. Our shift manager told him to apologise, but the...
  12. poetscreation


    I feel so worthless
  13. J

    Need help

    I feel like I'm drowning I just can't control anything I feel useless and worthless. I just want it all to stop I can't cope anymore.
  14. W

    Feeling completely worthless and friendless.

    I feel like my whole life has been one failure after another, I'm unemployed, I have very few friends and even the ones I do have don't think of me as being particularly close and barely even see me these days so I doubt they're my friends anymore, I have aspergers so tasks that are so simple...
  15. S

    Help with education and how to deal with my mental problems

    Firstly, I have mental problems which I used to take medication for but the side effects of the medication put me off them and have been drugs free for quite some time (recreational and pharmaceutical). I won't go into too much but just a rough idea that I think really negatively and...
  16. P

    "Life isn't for everyone" passed the stage of feeling in a crisis

    "Life isn't for everyone" passed the stage of feeling in a crisis I heard this about 4 months ago and at the time I was horrified at such a quote but now it sums up how I feel. It's like I'm not even upset anymore I just want this emotional pain to be over. I have no close friends and I am...
  17. A

    suicidal thoughts

    I feel completely alone in this world, I got no friends. I lost them all, some times I lay in bed and feel like suicide is the only option.My mom loves me, but my step dad doesn't understand mental illness. And I guess no one really understands it. I have no one to turn to when I feel...
  18. E

    Stuck in a nightmare

    I am having such a difficult time in my life. I have been battling depression for as long as I can remember. I have always played the role of the one who is "happy and has it together". Which is such a lie. I attempted suicide last year and was placed on cymbalta. I have horrible coping skills...
  19. A

    Tired of being condemned for being the way I am

    Is anybody else out there in a relationship where you get verbally abused for having mood swings or feeling depressed? It fucking sucks. I've tried a million times over and over to tell her that I can't help it when I feel really depressed or my mood suddenly changes. We cannot communicate. She...
  20. cpuusage

    Coping With Bad Reactions From Others

    Mental Illness: Coping With Bad Reactions From Others "Having a mental illness can be tough enough, but when we’re brave enough to tell people and they have a bad reaction to it, that only serves to validate those horrible thoughts of being a burden, worthless and helpless. In addition to the...