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  1. mischief

    Anxiety and Panic Disorder Scams

    Dave Carbonell, Ph.D, Psychologist, the author of the Panics Attacks Workbook, has a page on his website regarding anxiety scams which is essential reading for anyone considering purchasing any products for 'curing' anxiety. Anxiety Scams on the Internet? Let the Buyer Beware! This is well...
  2. mischief

    Anxiety Scams

    Dave Carbonell, Ph.D, Psychologist, the author of the Panics Attacks Workbook, has a page on his website regarding anxiety scams which is essential reading for anyone considering purchasing any products for 'curing' anxiety. Anxiety Scams on the Internet? Let the Buyer Beware! This is well...
  3. D

    Self-Esteem - Why It Matters by Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT

    Most women suffer from lack of self-confidence, even despite greater job and educational opportunities than ever before. As noted in an earlier post, the lack of self-esteem starts as early as nine years old for girls and steadily worsens in adolescence, even if they excel in school...
  4. K

    To you all

    Hi Reading all different threads on here on this forum and getting an insight at the different illnesses that effects us all. I have to say, I was completely blown away with all your experiences. I have to say it's really inspiring to see how you all are as indivual. I have to say, you are...
  5. delatext


    a man goes for an atos medical, the jobs worth says can you bend down and pick up a £1 coin No he replies I have no arms or legs ! Well can you chew and eat food ? Well not at the moment He says Why not ? queries the jobs worth Me false teeth are else where, he states, The job worth declares...
  6. S

    In so much debt !!

    I know it's my own fault and I shouldn't be moaning, but I hope you all don't mind me having a winge. Whilst on a high, last Sunday I put down a deposit for a band to play at the Fancy Dress Halloween Party I was arranging. I was going to set up a Gazebo in my mates garden. I've had to cancel...
  7. D


    hi there anyone been privately for phycotherapy? has it helped would you say it was worth the money? diddy:confused:
  8. L

    How do you all get to sleep??

    Am back with no medication until i see my doctor this week and i cant sleep!! Have tried all the obvious things like having a hot bath, writing down my thoughts so they arent whizzing round in my head, 2 diazepam but im just so not tired! got to get up in 4 hours hardly seems worth sleeping...
  9. A

    Social Pathology | The Zeitgeist Movement | NYC 2010 ZDAY

    A lecture that is well worth watching - http://vimeo.com/10707453 Source - http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
  10. F

    WOW wake up call

    The voices are always there, lately they have been in the back ground, barely audible. I have been coping well because of this. I usually go through my day not worried about whats being said and focused on the here and now, what I am doing, whether at school or working or just hanging out with...
  11. chesya

    Medication which restricts creativity

    Since being on Lithium and Olanzapine I have sunk into the worst creative block in my life. In fact it's the only one on my 46 years. I feel so much more stable, but is it a price worth paying? I'd be interested in others who have experiences a similar thing and maybe any ideas of ways aground it.
  12. J

    How do I make him see...

    ...that he's wonderful. That he's my best friend and that I can't imagine him not being a part of my world. I know that he struggles. Daily. I know that he's fought these battles since he was young, and that he gets tired. That there are moments where he can't picture a future because he feels...
  13. W

    falling out with friends

    hey im new to the forum :) ive been on anti depressants for four years now and i thought i would join up and see if anyone can help me out. i cant stop thinking about past things that happen to me, even no i keep telling myself there not worth thinking about. its like i get angry when i think...
  14. W

    Antidepressant & Anxiety Medications

    I have motor tic disorder and it causes me anxiety and depression. I seem to think that medications for this/these conditions are far more damaging than they are worth, in terms of side effects. I have personally never taken any medications till now and I wonder if it is worth taking them. How...
  15. C


    pysch now putting me on 2mg of olanza?? how tired does it make you feel is it worth me taking my sleeping tablets with??
  16. I


    To... be hold... the wholesome... is...a...great...accordance...of...self...to...beholdant... We...are...a.race...of...holders... we...take...accordance... to...achieve... our...wholesomeness... when...we...strike...a balance...to...self... we...are...very...mis judged...by...self...
  17. S

    repetitive movements

    Hi everyone.I'm doing ok at the moment.I've got some issues with my current medication olanzapine but will probably be staying on it for now.Hopefully will be weaned off slowly starting in January.If all goes well I could be completely off my meds towards the middle of next year. I have noticed...
  18. R


    Not sure whether to put this thread here, or in personality disorders (which i may have) or anxiety or what...but here it is anyway. Does anyone have trouble making basic everyday conversation? I never know what to say, everything i think of just seems so mundane and not worth the breath! I'm...
  19. K

    Up north

    Anyone know of somewhere in Yorkshire where voice hearers meet? I'm finally coming to the conclusion that they're not going away so meeting others who manage to live with voices seems worth trying....:confused:
  20. scottsblue

    is life worth living?

    i just carnt stop thinking life isnt worth living,nothin makes me happy. wat is the point when u know its just gradually gettin wers an the happy moments are as thin as ur shoe laces and about as interestin.