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  1. C


    Does anyone hear like trains on a track noises? Also very distant voices that you can't make out what they are saying? It's driving me mad!! Is this worth telling anyone about? X
  2. B

    Are there any drug that help with PTSD ?

    Are there any medications that help. I see my doctor monday and just wondered if it's worth asking for something
  3. W

    Trying to find my way out of the storm.

    I know my life is worth living. I'm just going through a rough time in my life.
  4. cashby

    After being hospitalized

    So months ago I was hospitalized in the mental part, because of depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm and an anxiety disorder, I was there and it was terrifying, I'm now out and got a new life , the thing is, I'm having a breakdown and going the same way, I know life is worth it because I...
  5. cpuusage

    Map of Heaven with Dr. Eben Alexander

    His new book - may be worth a read - Map of Heaven with Dr. Eben Alexander
  6. Fuscia


    Medication flatness Working very little Friends and family on facebook having children, having full lives My life is shit in comparison, empty, bare I know i've been very ill, but how long can i use that to make myself feel better Sometimes i don't think my life is worth living I will be moving...
  7. S

    Meeting people and making new friends

    How would you go about making new friends? The only time i have the confidence is when i am now, i just recently relapsed on benzos, and i've been drinking as well. But i'd love to be able to meet new people sober seeing as i don't wanna end up in rehab a 3rd time, i just turned 20 and i already...
  8. R

    Off my meds

    I decided to come off my venlafaxine last Wednesday, having increased my dose to 300mg without increased effect. I am feeling worse than ever and last night I felt like I was completely out of control. I have been on them for more than 6 years and they have been the only ever medication to work...
  9. ScaredCat


    Just want to feel like someone cares about me - thinks I worth something. Come on here nearly every day now. Is that sad???
  10. tigerfish

    only one here!!

    Has anyone else ever felt like you are the only person on the planet! Very, very alone with all the troubles of that world on your shoulders! YOU are the ONLY one to sort them out, but then again You are the only one effected by all of the crap going on!! Thinking that it's ONLY YOU is it...
  11. N

    finding life so hard

    I don't really know what to say other than I'm struggling so much. It takes everything just to move. I know there's nothing anyone can do to help me. I just feel like it's not worth them trying anymore. Sorry. Don't know how to explain properly.

    I may apply for ESA.

    I may make an appt with my GP. and tell him I wish to go on ESA. It is worth a shot, I reckon.
  13. C


    My knee's just kind of buckled and I fell over and I've only walked about five miles today:low: Sick of this arthritis, am thinking of trying those support straps but feel silly, does anyone know if they work or are not worth bothering with? Any other ideas? Thank you clouds x
  14. W

    Will professional aid even help me?

    This morning i woke up and instead of going to work i emailed my boss and told him i wouldn't be coming in again. I just felt like quitting and so i did, because what's the actual point in even going to work. I have to grind my ass off to make somebody else very rich. No thanks. Just lately...
  15. W

    What makes you feel worth it?

    Okay so I don't do too well at feeling good about myself. In fact most of the time I struggle to say what is good about me. What I have achieved or whether I am a nice person... Although when I am low all I feel is that I am bad and wrong and unworthy I would like to start focussing on what I am...
  16. A

    something i've decided to try

    it's called the self soothing kit. you just choose 1 item for each of your 5 senses- and when you get the urges, you are meant to get the box out with the items- and they help distract you. read about this somewhere and thought it may be worth a shot anyone else tried it?. or thinking about...
  17. tritton

    How do i sort my life out with no motivation?

    I really want to sort my life out (im 19) , but its hard when you have no self confidence and motivation , everything i would want in life seems impossible for me , i just want to have a normal life , i want to have a job , my own place to live , and a good relationship with someone i can love...
  18. Sunshine & Showers

    Days like today is what makes it hard to stay sober!

    Its moments like these when i just wanna give up because I don't feel like I'm worth anything or special to anyone.:(
  19. L


    Tonight iv jst realised I hav found a friend that understands me wivout havin to go thro The pain of explaining. Its hard to put into words how much this is worth n how much it helps me feel little bit less worthless.
  20. mami5

    Enough is enough

    Think I should go now. I've had enough. Can't handle it. Not suppose to tell anyone how I really feel. Nobody can help me. So alone. So scared. Don't trust myself. Don't want to be a burden. Don't want people worrying about me. I'm not worth it. Samaritans don't help. Nobody can.