1. M

    There is nothing more to life than feeling good

    I can just throw away any non feel-good based value system since it is not real value and, therefore, will never work for me. A loving parent who, despite his/her crippling depression, helps and cares for his/her child, this parent would be nothing more than a lifeless, dead, crippled...
  2. A

    Lack of confidence so hard to overcome

    It's been nearly impossible for me to feel confident enough to reach out and attempt to connect with other people. I can't stop feeling like I am uninteresting and unworthy of other people's time. I feel like I just don't have anything to add to anybody's life even if I attempt to make a new...
  3. L

    Rapidly progressing dementia

    My dad's been ill with dementia near 2 years now and he's rapidly gone downhill. Mam died 2 years ago and it's like he just gave up. He has major trouble communicating which ends in him becoming fairly aggressive. Today he's been extremely confused agitated and angry. Would this be worth a trip...
  4. J

    Mood stabaliser drugs

    Hi all. Last time my CPN came to see me during out conversarion she mentioned Lithium, not about me myself it was just in passing when she was talking about something else. I've been reading about mood stabalisers online since then and think it might be worth a try but I'm paranoid about asking...
  5. G

    How do you learn to love yourself?

    I wish I could love myself and I don't know how. How can you love yourself when you are broken from the inside and fundamentally flawed? How do other people on here do it? Relying on other people's compliments for self worth is not a good way to build self confidence which is what I do. Does...
  6. letmein

    the joys of benefits............

    I know I shouldn't complain but how are we supposed to live? I just got my monies today and already its gone, paid bills. got 10 quids worth of food and had a coffee out and now I have 3 quid to last 14 days.. not sure how thats going to work out :(
  7. M

    My only reason for living

    I am finally out of this traumatic experience, I finally have my happiness and motivation back to me again, and I do not need any medication. But this packet is still important for you to be aware of in case there ever comes a time again where I have depression and lose my motivation...
  8. G

    How i changed from a low-life drug addict to a millionaire

    I was born in an average family, my childhood was pretty normal. It wasn't until I got to college that things began to take a downward spiral. I didn't realize it then, but my life was about to get really messed up. I started using. I got really broke, stopped going for classes, that was the...
  9. M

    I cant stop!

    Hello people of mental health forums i came here to share my weird and bad thoughts about a lot of stuff looking for an answer to all of them, thoughts that are killing me every day for like 5 years ! and i cant stop them no matter how hard i try, these thoughts made me lose my grades in high...
  10. T

    would like to die

    Ive never been officially diagnosed with abything, but have been told in the past by counsellor that i have social anxiety which tends to trigger suicidal moods. I realise is not a particularly official source of diagnosis but on the whole, i agree with it. It has come to the point where i...
  11. mami5

    Give up

    I've reached the end. There's no future for me. Not one worth living anyway. I give up.
  12. Kerome

    Rudolf Steiner on How to Know Higher Worlds

    Quite a long audiobook but some may find it worth listening to.
  13. pugmama

    What do you do to remind yourself you're worth loving?

    Hello everyone-- Why I'm asking is I recently started dating this guy (we've gone on 4 dates) Last week I invited him over to my place (even made a cute invitation that I took a pic of and sent to him) and while he thought it was "creative and thoughtful" and he had to check his calendar... it...
  14. B

    everyday is a struggle

    Everyday life is a struggle now. I rarely enjoy tgings . I like to listen to music and write music too. But I don't think its worth it. Why won't death happen to me?
  15. BigAma

    Random thoughts

    Lovers come and go but they don't matter as much as you do or did. Always shoot to be yourself don't get wrap up in how other people act. Every second feels like a punishment in my brain so much fear. I hope I remember soon. I'll wake up and hopefully be emotional older. So scared of nothing...
  16. S

    Depressed for the last 2 years. Worth trying antidepressants?

    Hey, Been feeling depressed for the past 2 years. Slowly my motivation for all my hobbies has disappeared. So has my energy to do things i used to love. Been trying all sort of things, meditation, self-help books, Vitamin D3 supplements etc. No big changes. Been considering writing down my...
  17. S

    feeling like it's not worth living

    Life as I know it is not worth it to me anymore. My family and friends don't care about me. I feel as if everyone would be better without me. I'm just so tired of even trying to make everyone think I'm fine and nothing is wrong with me. They just won't listen to what I have to say. I just want...
  18. E


    It's been an okay day. I can feel my mood heading back down majorly. Starting to think of self hate, and that I don't belong here. I don't know how to get out of it. I can't tell myself that I'm worth life. I don't want to lie to myself. I'm pushing people away more and more because I want to...
  19. F


    What do I do when the pain is just getting to be too much? Is it really worth it? I wish and can't wait for it to be over.
  20. M


    How do i stop wanting to kill myself ,how do i get my self worth back how do i stop hidding it all ina box