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    Dealing with suicide - podcast

    Talkzone: Peter Pangore: Death Is Just The Beginning Worth a listen.
  2. InfiniteRectangles

    A Poem I Wrote

    So, I wrote this sorta uplifting poem, and I thought I'd share it here in case someone needs to hear its message. It's probably my favorite poem I've written. It's called "If Every Creature Ceased to Know Their Worth" I posted it in the Member's Gallery but I feel like more people might see it...
  3. W

    Just Diagnosed BPD

    I've just been told I have BPD (F60). I was expecting the diagnosis to be PTSD (I already have ADHD 1&2 btw). I get ESA, but wondered if it's worth claiming PIP? Or do they tend to turn claims for BPD down. :-)
  4. garbageg4

    I don't want to be around anymore

    All i do is fail, I've failed with everything in my life. I'm not worth anything.
  5. Z

    keep speeking but it dont seem like ant one is listening

    I been through 28 years of hell it never seems to end I have tried to end it all multiple times a few things have stopped me over the years right now its my niece but I just want to die nothing seems worth it any more does any one feel like listening
  6. M

    TV - Flowers - Tomorrow at 10pm

    It is on all week and they mentioned major depressive disorder, so it might be worth a watch. Channel 4 i think?
  7. N

    lifes not worth living

    I feel lifes not worth living. I cant see the future getting better. Im partially disabled plus im paranoid schizophrenic when outside i just get really paranoid. Cant stand the foreigners with there crued alien tongue. I'd just like to live in the country but here house prices are so expensive...
  8. C

    Alpha stim machine

    Had a brief episode of psychosis, suffering with feeling emotionally flat and depression like symptoms. Has anyone tried the alpha stim machine and is it worth giving it a go if I have suffered a brief break from reality
  9. albie

    My Only Dream Is death

    I'm not sure it is depression so much. More that I have seen through the illusion of life. People have dreams that are achievable. These dreams are really not worth having. Some have dreams that will never come true. The dreams are not really worth having. Isn't it better if we just didn't...
  10. W


    Female, 33 years old. I suffered my whole life with depression and later developed anxiety, PTSD and a mild form of BPD (as she told me, it is mild). I'm here because a therapist suggested this to me. I think this is worth trying. :) Is it weird that my anxiety is high, even when typing to...
  11. givethemhell

    PSA: respect women

    whatever your sexual relations are to women has nothing to do with their worth. that is all. :yuck::thanks:
  12. F

    Mindfulness is just Buddhism sold to you by neoliberals

    Posted by Peter Doran February 26 2018 Mindfulness is just Buddhism sold to you by neoliberals | The Independent What do people think? Is it being used as a neoliberal tool?
  13. M

    is this an ed?

    i think i have an ed and it has changed during the years since it began when it first began when i was a teen it was mainly food restricting then in my late 20's it was binging and purging then later it changed to binging with no purging and i buy a weeks worth of food and eat it in 2 days and...
  14. C

    I’m so lost

    I’m 20 years old and look at my life and realize there are a handful of people who would notice, not to mention care if I were gone. Most of which are family and they would feel more obligated. I can think of maybe 3 peers that would show up to my funeral. Is that worth living for?
  15. vanish

    Credit cards?

    Today I applied and was approved for a credit card from my bank. Are they worth having? Thoughts?

    A new book, maybe worth a look!

    Survival? Death as a Transition by David Lorimer | White Crow Books | E-books https://www.amazon.co.uk/Survival-Death-Transition-David-Lorimer-ebook/dp/B076ZTGQC7/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1509984522&sr=1-1&keywords=Survival%3F+Death+as+a+Transition Maybe worth a look, for those...
  17. P

    Am I hearing Voices? (psychosis , schizophrenia)

    Hi there, I have psychosis not had an episode in about a year. Just not to sure if what i am hearing is thoughts in my head or voices. I hear in my mind to kill myself, that i am better of alone not to let anyone in my life cos everyone just lets me down/hurts me in the end and that i am no...
  18. I

    Wake up call... People are worth more than being treated like dirt.

    Working as a mental health nurse in today's NHS drained me of compassion | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian
  19. M

    Do I have anxiety?

    Already posted a very long winded post (sorry) but I just want clarification over whether it's worth going to the doctors for possible anxiety. I have panic attacks atleast once a week, but usually around 3-5 times a week. By panic attacks I mean quickened breathing (and then feeling like I...
  20. D

    "Well why don't you just stop?"

    I have heard the words "why don't you just stop" from the two people in this world who I reached out to about my self-harm. One is my mom. Once she found out I was doing it she just told me "you need to stop there's no reason for you to be doing this", discussed me going to a therapist, and then...