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  1. TroubleinParadise

    Psychosomatic Symptoms & Depression

    Hi Everyone, So I went out for sushi yesterday with a buddy of mine. A good hour and a half into the evening I without paying attention took a fair sum of wasabi and ate it. It was a little bothered, but soon after it stopped bothering me. However, I remembered reading something on the dangers...
  2. S

    New here and struggling with health anxiety

    Hi everyone, I'm feeling very anxious and panicky right now as I'm typing this. I feel so worried I'm always thinking I'm going to die. I get a headache I think it's a brain tumour, I feel sick I think it's some sort of cancer. I can't take it anymore I'm always fearing the worst. I wish I could...
  3. W


    I've never really spoken up about my anxiety and depression to any one and lately I've been feeling very stressed. I don't feel I can talk to my friends about it as they can be a bit harsh I've been trying to be confident at work but I end of getting told I'm not confident enough and that...
  4. I

    worst day rver😢

    Had the worst day ever at work feel like crying😢
  5. R

    I was raped.

    I haven't told anyone but I needed to say It somewhere. It took me a year to accept that I had been raped. I made every excuse for it. He was my boyfriend. I wanted to have sex with him earlier. But the truth was, hours later, I was blackout drunk. I did not consent at that time. An intoxicated...
  6. D


    Hi. Not really sure what sort of thing I’m meant to write on here but I am seriously struggling and feel as though I have nowhere to turn. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as I know but I am the worst I have ever been at the moment. I have never had suicidal thoughts...
  7. G


    I have been on this Earth for 44 years and I do not want to end it inconsequentially. I will continue to live without deviation. However, if death comes I welcome it. I am tired and no amount of talking or drugs will persuade me of this belief. The normal life struggle for me is almost...
  8. Blackmarble10

    Thank you

    Hi, This is the first time I’ve ever joined a forum. I was in bed staring at the ceiling at 4am and decided to do a search. I have bipolar disorder and bpd apparently. Personally I think a seriously messed up childhood may play a big part. My life feels like it’s crashing down around me right...
  9. M


    my anxiety is the worst ones. I see a doctor 3 months and a therapist every week she is new and trying to help me with my problems.
  10. N

    Missing Item - Panck at first

    Hi Folks, You know you've had that feeling that you;ve just a feeling about an item of your possession, (souind like in the Police, doesn't it) and, when it comes to it, you go to relevant aspect of your handbag or holdall, and you just cannot find....? Well, this is happening to me. I...
  11. ScaredCat


    Coming up to the worst time of year. Sorry but it is for me
  12. N

    This Time Of Year - Down!? - Unheard, off, usually I am happier self, this time of year.

    This Time Of Year - Down!? - Unheard, off, usually I am happier self, this time of year. Hi Folks, I am notiicing in review mode, from the start up of this week, I seemingly am feeling down! It's unheard of, usually I am feeling quite upbeat, I know I have put all volunteering on hold, until...
  13. Kerome

    Perhaps anxiety is more what I have

    I used to suffer quite a bit from social anxiety, even in my teens, but what I'm observing now is a bit odd. My thoughts seem to seek for stuff to be anxious about, and it slowly builds up during the day until I experience a kind of crisis of anxiety and I can't sit still anymore. I start to...
  14. Z

    Wife's anxiety/depression

    Hi This is my first post on the forum and I really hope someone can help me. My wife has always been anxious about things that normally wouldn't bother other people, but recently I've found that things have been getting worse. From the outside we're a happy family with a 1 year old daughter...
  15. K

    Adjustment disorder in a PD

    I have a diagnosis of unspesified PD. From the description of my diagnosis i understand that the criteria of adjustement disorder are met and anxious mood is also referred. Nothing else wortmentioning. My question is, how severe can the AD be in my case? Can it be of the worst form or in that...
  16. NicoretteGummed

    Bullying causes Type (2) PTSD otherwise called Complex PTSD.

    My life could have been very different if my Secondary School had addressed my bullying but instead they blamed it on me. Judith Herman pioneered the establishment of Complex PTSD to be included in the DSM and people with PTSD are highly vulnerable to Alcohol and Hallucinogen abuse which is...
  17. I

    princes trust 12 week progressing

    I was looking into doing the twelve week programme run by princes trust and job centre in order to get confidence back ,went for interview got on coure but I don't think I want to proceed with it because everything sounds very practical and like my worst nightmare pe all week because I really...
  18. madfryer

    electroconvulsive is coming back is it a good idea

    i think actually its not such a bad idea doctors are using it for depression instead of using a lot of drugs a trade off and dont they use something similar to start the heart up and lastly when i first started hearing voices the first thing i did was go to the ouija board as to why and what...
  19. D

    I want to harm myself and others

    Is this normal behaviour for someone with depression? I won't go into specifics of course, but I keep on having thoughts of harming myself and my family (not kill, though). I'm quite concerned about this though in case I actually go through with something at one of my worst moments.
  20. telekinesis

    Schizophrenia Voices - If i stop Self-Medicating with drugs will the voices get worst or better?

    Schizophrenia Voices - If i stop Self-Medicating with drugs will the voices get worst or better? hey guys, haven't posted in a while figured i'd post a post regarding what's up with me lately... getting ready to start addiction treatment and was wondering if any of you have experience with...