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  1. valleygirl

    Clutter, Chaos, and Despair

    I feel like my life is chaos. My apartment is once again in a state of disaster. I don't know what my problem is, why I can't seem to maintain order. I manage to cope with work five days a week, but somehow the mess in my apartment just gets worse and worse. I think I have too much stuff. I...
  2. E

    New here

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, I've been suffering with anxiety on and off for 7 yes, it's become worse this last 6 months, last year was very stressful, I lost my nan and my best friend, so now I'm thinking it's stress I suffer with which shows as anxiety? It's been out of controld lately, I will...
  3. Spaceman

    Dry Mouth

    Hi I am on fluoxetine and quetiapine and I am suffering from dry mouth and has got real bad. I do not have the best set of teeth and worried it will make this worse, Apart from the usual pastilles or spray any tips to help with this side effect? Thanks Spaceman
  4. M

    Feeling a bit too inadequate to even say hello, but i’ll try

    Hi there. I’m really struggling at the moment. I have bipolar type two and I’ve relapsed into a very dark depression. Comments have been made towards me by people I cared about blaming me for it because I don’t go to the gym. Ive been in my bedroom for quite a few months now. They don’t know...
  5. B

    Struggling to care for BPD

    I'm new here so not sure how to start off. My wife suffers from BPD and over the past couple of years we've had some lows...but also some highs. I want to help her more when she has an episode but it seems like I may be making it worse. When my wife lashes out verbally I can't help but take it...
  6. S


    Hey, every now and then I get really anxious feelings to the point I can't talk at a normal level and feel like everyone is judging me when they look at me. I lose all confidence in myself. It can happen out of the blue or there can be a slow build up. It can last for a short amount of time or...
  7. valleygirl

    Anxiety Rising

    I always have a certain degree of anxiety, but it's been getting worse lately. I was counting down the weeks and then days until the holidays, because it meant time off work, but I feel like my anxiety is getting worse, not better. I feel paralyzed by my anxiety, rooted to the spot, and I...
  8. BlackHeart


    I have had misophonia since I was a child but as I've grown older it seems to have gotten worse. I can't eat around anyone as it drives me off my head, especially my father who I've told repeatedly about the condition, but just ignores it and continues to make the most grotesque noises I have...
  9. S

    Just looking for advice

    Hey, I have had depression already for 6 years. And had Anorexia , now I try to be healthy. To get better I did sports. Since I was a kid I have always ridden a horse. When I started to feel gloomy, I stoped riding. My doctor and teachers at that time encouraged me to get back at horse riding...
  10. E

    The Holidays are Difficult

    Hello, hope everyone is having a good holiday (if you celebrate). Unfortunately, the holidays are a bit of a difficult time for me. My mom has schizophrenia. I grew up living with her but ran away when I was 17 for my well-being. Haven’t seen her since, but think about her every single day. I...
  11. E


    I'm so nervous to even be doing something like this. I feel like I shouldn't have to because I have a good support system.. good bf, friends. But lately I feel like it's just not going to get me anywhere. I have been on anti depressants for about 2 months and don't feel like it has brought any...
  12. R

    Struggling. Where to start with help?

    Hi all I feel the need to say what's wrong with me now because it's really effecting my life. When I go out into certain places my anxiety gets really bad and has got worse over the last few years. Places like costa and generally shopping are the worst for some reason. It's gotten to the point...
  13. R

    Not sure what to do.

    Hi, I'm 21 and have suffered with depression and anxiety for about 6 years now. I was taking anti depressants for a while but I had a choking incident and couldn't take them any more. In the last month things have spiralled out of control, I moved out of my parents house 2 years ago and now I...
  14. L

    Need help with anxiety

    I’ve been having anxiety attacks for about a month in a half. I get chest pain, weird feelings in my head, funny feeling in throat. Every time I get a weird feeling I always think the worse. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to help get the negative thoughts out of my head.
  15. LexLoofer

    When am I supposed to feel better?

    I've been on this roller coaster of trying to manage my anxiety and depression for months now, trying every manner of medications with all varieties of side effects. Tweaking dosages to try and find the right fit. Right now I'm on Abilify and Cymbalta, which are causing a whole host of side...
  16. S

    Am I alone in this?

    I'm a 26 year old male and have been working for the family business since 17. Started as a part time thing for 1 month, which has become 9 years. I'm not forced, but without me my (ill and elderly) parents would need to hire 3 extra people and business can't afford it. Turned down decent...
  17. U

    need help, having a really hard time right now

    It has been on and off for a few months, there is a lot of big decisions and things going on in my life right now and I am not doing good at all. I take niacinamide 6g daily along w/ b-complex and vitamin c, and fish oil. I seemed to help in the past but not helping right now.... my wife wants...
  18. U

    need help

    I have depressed on and off for the past few months, there is a lot of big decisions and things going on in my life and right now and I am very bad off!!! I take niacinamide 6g daily along w/ b-complex and vitamin c, and fish oil. I seemed to help in the past but not helping right now.... my...
  19. S


    Hey everyone I'm new here but I needed somewhere to talk as I don't have anybody else to turn to.. My anxiety is killing me right now and it's having a knock on effect on my depression too. I don't feel that I'm actually able to leave the house any more for the fear of seeing somebody that I...
  20. I

    PTSD and Flying Into the Sun

    It's 3:30 in the morning. Couldn't sleep. Got myself my chamomile tea with sweetener and milk, and some ramen, because I'm too tired to fix myself anything else. I'm going to tell you the brief version of my story. I was a victim of emotional abuse as a child. My mother put me under an intense...