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  1. U

    Introducing myself

    Hello I am new to the forum, as I hope someone will be able to resonate with me. For the past two years I have been experiencing several issues with my mental health. It started when I had a panic attack on a plane over two years ago, the point where I think changed me. After this I have become...
  2. B

    How do you know if youre a narcissist?

    I've always been worried that I might be a narcissist or that I might become one some day. I know I've looked at symptoms of narcissism and I dont know if I feel like that's enough of an explanation. I do talk about myself a lot and I like attention. Although, at the same time, I really hate...
  3. L

    New Here - Constant Worry

    Evening all, I hope to get some advice on certain aspects of my life and how to deal with my worrying! I have been diagnosed with Anxiety since 2013 which I believe was primarily down to recreational drug use between 2010-2013. I have over the years gotten “better” in some ways, ie able to...
  4. K

    not sure how to feel anymore (PLEASE HELP)

    I have been suffering from anxiety since I was about 11 or 12. This started when my parents split up. On and off throughout my life my anxiety has come back and then gone away. I am currently 24; I moved away from home at 20 and got married to the man of my dreams. for the first year everything...
  5. Tired Daisy

    Very worried DWP

    I got a phone call early this morning but I was asleep when they called, the number was withheld. I'm very worried now that this could have been the DWP. Just before Christmas I was getting harassed by a couple people wanting me to pretend that one of them was my support worker so they could...
  6. E

    Worrying constantly/need advice

    I worry about everything... literally everything. Every interaction I have with someone and try and read into every possible reaction or attitude they give me. I am a huge people pleaser, and the thought of me loosing a best friend to someone else or them not wanting to be my friend honestly...
  7. V

    Well lets do this I guess

    So... Im Valk. The past few weeks for me have been hell. A little bit of backstory here. I work from home and I work 80-115 hours a week which leaves little time for family or friends. No time to go out and enjoy what a 27 year old should. I have a kiddo. Who is my world. Well his dad ran with...
  8. letmein

    my big sad NYE

    already feeling bad and lonely... my daughter leaves soon.. so will spend the next 24hrs on my own, this is choice..... I have been invited out i just don't make good company right now. I have spent my last few quid of some bits to have tonight, I'll worry about the rest tomorrow. never...
  9. W

    ESA assessment

    I have my ESA assessment In a few weeks and I am worried sick, this is the thrid time I have been though this, please help thanks.
  10. B

    Work Anxiety is crippling me everyday

    I've been diagnosed with anxiety for about 2 years now and it has always had a negative impact on my work. If I make any kind of mistake my brain tells me that I am rubbish at my job and I'm going to get fired and then I spend the rest of the day panicking about my job security and telling...
  11. G

    i keep having terrible anxiety about existing

    sometimes its a lot less, usually during the day, but when night comes i have awful anxiety about the fact i exist, time is moving and unstoppable and that one day i will not exist i know it wont be for a long time, but when i think about that i think about how a few months ago, i didnt think...
  12. S

    Relationship Anxiety, Confused, Please Help

    Hi Everyone. This is new to me but I'm really in need of some help from people who might understand how I'm feeling because I'm at a loss. I've been with my boyfriend nearly two years. The first year was a struggle, he is a year and half younger than me and is finishing uni. Within the first...
  13. 4

    Work Anxiety Part 2

    Hey everyone. Im back after almost one year here. My anxiety however still persists. I'll explain. Basically, my entire story begins of how my anxiety started begins in this thread: Job-related Anxiety I have come a really long way since then and haven't given up working with my father in his...
  14. Y

    Exhaustion from Anxiety

    First of all, hello! I'm new to the forum and really just wanted to see if there was anyone with similar experiences who have any advice. I did do a quick search but most results seem to be related to depression. I've had anxiety (with varying levels of severity) since I was 18, and I'm nearly...
  15. D

    My Emotions are Ruining everything

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone else out there has advice on emotions. I'm literally flying off the handle all the time. Slight criticism from my girlfriend about my appearance or my actions make me shut down or get angry. I'm jealous of her friendship with her ex boyfriend so I get cold...
  16. K

    Obsessive Thoughts, Marijuana Use, etc: Here's why I joined this forum

    Hi guys, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I just joined this forum after years of reading comments on and off. I'm joining because I realize that I need help and I'm hoping someone here will be able to give me tips/advice on how to get past whatever it is that I'm going...
  17. qwerty1234

    Work anxiety

    I have been not working for about two years while I was doing other things, and now I am really worried about returning to work. How is everyone else about this? I am worried about not performing well, about disappointing people like my boss, about having to look too happy, about getting...
  18. I


    Hi I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some help. For the last few years I feel I have suffered from anxiety. I have never been diagnosed by a doctor. I struggle to be around massive crowds as I feel I'm being stared at, before I get off a bus I worry people are staring at me and think...
  19. J

    Starting a new relationship worries

    So ive become involved with a lovely boy, honestly amazing, but i have reservations about starting a new relationship, like when I have an episode, is able to handle it? Im worried it will scare him off. Anyone got any advice?
  20. laula

    can BPD let you have a safe pregnancy

    Does anyone know if pregnancy can be affect BPD and if I could have the meds I need? I would love to be a mum but am worried about safely having a baby any advice please!