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  1. Rhys1604

    From 0 - 6 hours volunteering (shock to the system?)

    Hi, I've not been able to hold down anything of a work flavoured day in the past few years, pretty much since the onset of my symptoms of mental health trouble... ...but, I have been feeling in a better place lately, with learning about myself and seeing the signs of worry etc, so I applied...
  2. althera

    New relationship worries.

    I've went on a couple of dates with a lovely guy, it is going well but I am worried about my mental health issues. I have a lot of scars on my arm from previous self harming, I've managed to keep them covered up on our dates but on Saturday he is staying over. I am worried he'll see the scars...
  3. M


    Hi, is anyone taking propanalol? Dr has put me on it Today. Does it cause weight gain? Insomnia? Will it actually take the worries away? How does it affect sleep/insomnia? Thx
  4. M


    Hi, is anyone taking propanalol? Dr has put me on it Today. Does it cause weight gain? Insomnia? Will it actually take the worries away? How does it affect sleep/insomnia? Thx
  5. RainbowHeartz

    challenge worries!

    Hoping these pics come out :o Anyway this is what's helping me at the moment, basically with any worry I go through each of these statements and try to challenge my worries to rationalise them better, for me it has been working, I'm not going to say everyone will find it helpful but thought I...
  6. L

    Feel like giving up.

    The anxiety is relentless and i have more worries than anyone should ever have. Just feel like giving up and there is only one way out,wish i wasnt such a coward or i would.
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    some people are incapable of being happy

    thinking logically about it I have no actual worries or problems im 90 per cent sure my mums results will be okay we don't have any money worries anymore im not living with a maniac who abuses me for the first time in 32 years yet I feel desperately unhappy and alone like I wont ever be happy...
  8. S

    Long time worrier, seeking a solution

    I have had constant worry now for it must be close to 25 years. Anxiety has also been a large part of my life. I seem to fit in to the right categories for a chronic worrier from what I have read on the net. I had counseling for a very short time when I was a teenager many years ago and it...
  9. M

    wide awake club!

    Went to bed at 10.15 fell asleep straight away now im wide awake due to stress and anxiety! This always happens but usually I awake about 4am so I am in for a long night:eek2: I hate my job so much because of the stress it causes me.:panic: Anybody got any suggestions on how to shut out work...
  10. Miss_Autonomy

    My self harm

    I have self harmed for a couple of years now It started slowly, only when I felt really bad, which luckily was maybe once every couple of months in the beginning, then as my depression got worse, so did the self harm, It got to a point where I was doing it every day, sometimes more than once a...
  11. P

    tough days

    I took time to spend time with a friend to physically distance myself from family and when they are around it helps to distract me from my own mind a bit but whenever they go to work it just makes it so much harder to get myself out of bed to do anything I just want to sleep r through the day so...
  12. Hayyyleyyy

    Trying to fight a stereotype and its so damn hard!

    Possible trigger! I posted yesterday, all happy and cheerful about going to see 'A' a guy, I had recently opened up to about liking. I went to see him today and it was brilliant, didn't get long... about 10 minutes as his 'in the the dog house' with the staff, due to numerous reasons, but I was...
  13. R

    Why am I so stupid?

    I have an appointment with my therapist tonight and we are supposed to be discussing my new rational way of dealing with my worries. I am worried about my diagnosis currently....can't get it off my mind. A letter from my psych mid-week aggravated the situation somewhat. My therapist contacted...
  14. P

    Need to vent a little

    Hi all. I've had depression for the past 9 years and i do struggle from time to time, at the moment it's one of those times. I've been signed off work for 3 weeks due to being depressed and more recently having anxiety attacks. This wouldn't be a problem except i work for a big company who...
  15. M

    down the pan

    I feel so crap right now, on a right down low. Relationship worries, new job worries. I thought my meds would stop these highs and lows but appears not. Now worried how Im going to cope with the new job I got, its only 3 days a week but Im dreading Im going to be ill. My mum says these...
  16. blacktulip

    Anybody around?

    Thats it really....is anyone about? No worries if not.
  17. H

    psychoses and violence?

    Could or would a person suffering hallucinations/psychoses/paranoia be likely to hurt someone, even if they are normally gentle mannered? I ask because my husband worries I would hurt someone, thinking they were someone else, or were a danger to me and my family. This is really worrying me.
  18. M

    time away

    i have friend who wants to "get away from it all". She said like a "retreat" but without the religous side. Somewhere that people understand her with no material worries or contact with the outside. she thought about up to a month away but I cant think of anywhere can you? South west area. mh
  19. G


    My brother is on ADs (prozac) for depression and anxiety. He suffers from twitches that wake him during the night, and he gets very anxious about it. I said i would ask on here if its normal and nothing to worry about, as the worry about it is geting to him. The dr has already changed his ADs...
  20. B

    What's the real me?

    I'm feeling very confused right now ... I know the negative thinking I'm experiencing right now is definitely the depression. But there are parts of me that I liked when I was manic ... confident, energetic, fun, creative. I'd like to think that some of that really is me but how do I know? I'm...