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  1. Purr38


    Hi Everyone, I have been reading a few posts this past week that i want to comment on so i have registered. I have a load of problems and worries myself so will try and write about those in the hope that a problem shared is a problem halved. I have a diaganosis of Bipolar Disorder and ADHD...
  2. H

    Managing bipolar at work

    Hi, I have joined this forum in the hope that someone may be able to offer some practical advice on coping with bipolar at work. I am 22 years old and currently working full time in retail management, I have a team of 18 working for me and as you can imagine this brings with it quite a lot...
  3. shaky

    Am I a Narcisist?

    I worry at times that I am a narcissist. My evidence is scanty, but it worries me. I like being naked, and I like seeing other people naked too. But I seem to find that the person I like to see most is me. Modern phones have pictures on them A lot of people have pictures of their loved ones...
  4. M

    Finding It Hard

    hello everyone not been on here for a few months been on a depressive episode for around two months now. I get my sick pay cut in half this month that worries me abit so that's not helping. I'm just getting really sick of feeling like this. my anxiety is really bad at the moment too, cant do...
  5. shaky

    Dalek Relaxation Video

    https://youtu.be/e59guruVL4o This video will ease away your stress and worries They will just melt away or ... . . . You will be EXTERMINATED!!!!
  6. V

    Agoraphobia due to being in pain

    Hello I'm a 25 year old female and Im just wondering if anyone else on here has been In a similar situation to me and can relate....To cut a long story short over 2 years ago now I started to get random pelvic pain, which was progressively getting worse and worse. Medication made me feel sick...
  7. Z

    Death is so exciting

    No more worries no more stress no more toiling no more being let down no more associating with scum of the earth Im looking forward to it
  8. dubblemonkey

    bit's and pieces

    ..while most others are mixed up inside the best things that happen without the worries that borderline worry about! things will be ok...xxoo
  9. N

    Can I use exposure and response prevention for this?

    So in the past Ive had ocd related issues. I used exposure response techniques to minimize these worries. But for my current worry I am at a loss for how to combat it..The worry is basically that I dont have any friends or people dont like me or I am socially awkward or whatever...I know it is...
  10. valleygirl

    What if I can't do this?

    School, practicum, course work, I don't know if I can manage this all. Maybe it's better for me to be dead. Money worries, my shoulder injury, I'm so overwhelmed. I'm trying so hard to hold it all together, but it's not working. I'm falling apart, and it's only the beginning of the school...
  11. H

    Unable to work/study worries.

    Hiya everyone, i just joined this website looking for support and understanding. I am 27 and from Scotland. I have various mental health problems which are an Eating Disorder, Depression, Social anxiety/phobia, General Anxiety, OCD, Borderline personality disorder, suicidal tendencies, i also...
  12. shrew

    advice on helpng partner

    My partner is very unhappy at the moment and is saying she wants to kill herself. She has always been anxious and gets herself worked up with things but usually she'll see things from another perspective and realise that they can be sorted out. She has been having issues at work with particular...
  13. H

    time to pass on

    I have a good life and good job and no worries in life apart from the fact I just want to kill myself sometimes to end my life so I don't have to get up in the morning.
  14. D

    Crisis (tw:suicidal ideation)

    Hi, So I'm only 18 but have been struggling with my mental health from quite a young age which included suicidal ideation. However I never attempted to take my life because of not wanting to hurt my family but lately I've convinced myself they'd be better off without me. I've thought of plans...
  15. RainbowHeartz

    worried and anxious right now, please help

    where are me and mum going to live whats going to happen to my cat worried mum is going to commit suicide worried that i will loose my job im worried things are going to get much worse im just worried and very anxious at the moment i dont want drugs to help me i want to know other ways to help...
  16. P

    I hate social environments, but being lonely is sad

    I obviously can't have it both ways but both being in a crowed and being alone worries me a great deal
  17. R

    Client therapist relationship

    Hi You are being vera rude to me ! My therapist said to me in our last session. Her anger and hurt was obvious.* I was taken aback. Yes I had raised my voice at her not hiding my own irritation at her for not (seemingly) believing me. After á few seconds silence she said she understood me and...
  18. M

    Still Not good

    Well ive been to the doctors today and they have given me another sick note. This worries me abit with the amount of time I have had off sick. I really don't feel good at the moment and feel like I want to burst into tears but just carnt. Has anyone else had this kind of feeling.
  19. L

    Mindfulness- has anyone had any success?

    Hi, I have been going to a therapist for my depression and anxiety for the past 8 months and he has suggested to me that I need to start reconnecting with present. I basically live in my head thinking about the past and the things that have hurt me or caused me anxiety, or in the future worrying...
  20. amathus

    Is Health Anxiety a problem for you?

    Isn't it normal to worry about our health? We all worry about our health from time to time... worrying about our health can lead us to improve our lifestyle, for example, to give up smoking or to eat a healthy diet. When does worrying about our health become a problem? Health worries become a...